Watching the Origins

Now I may be alone in this, but I like to watch behind the scenes manufacturing – the origin of products as they go from raw materials to a finished product. If I am going to buy something significant, I want to know where that product comes from and how it is formed. I also like to see the people who are forming a specific product. Are they artisans? Do they really care about what they are making? That’s why I love when a company offers a factory tour so that I can do all of this. It’s a major selling point for me. If I get to watch the behind the scenes work and am impressed by what I see, I am more than likely to go with that business.

Well, it turns out that I am in the market for either Denton plantation shutters or McKinney plantation shutters (I live in the Dallas area) and have been on the lookout for a shutter company, which not only promises professionalism, but also gives me access to their process. I didn’t know if I would find one, but after some computer research I found a company called Sewell Shutters that has not only been in business for decades and has amazing testimonials, but which offers a factory tour to anyone who wants to see how they do what they do. And not only do they offer a factory tour, but if you take a tour you get 10% off of your future order of plantation shutters. I couldn’t believe what I had found – it was exactly what I wanted plus a financial incentive – doesn’t get any better than that…

So, to be brief, I called Sewell up and told them about my desire to take a factory tour. They were so friendly and gladly set up an appointment for me to come in and watch their craftspeople craft the product from start to finish. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the tour itself, but let’s just say it was exactly what I needed to see. These workers were not just doing a haphazard job – they were proud to be making the “best” shutters in the nation. The guide told me all about the kinds of wood that they used and why they did so. After the tour, I was sold. I put in my order that day and within weeks I had these high-quality shutters perfectly installed in my home.

This was a great experience and it only makes me wonder why more companies don’t offer tours of their factories. I bet if businesses showed customers what they were getting before getting it, they would sell a lot more. That is, unless if they have something to hide. Okay, that is my story. What do you think about companies showing people their backend processes? Would that influence you positively? Just interested to see if I am alone in my thoughts and desires. Feel free to comment.