I am sitting here on the wooden porch of a really amazing Texas Bed and Breakfast after deciding to take a few days away from my job, which has me temporarily living in a nearby big city (actually in some pretty nice extended stay apartments.)

The job is fine.  The life is fine.  The big city is fine.

“Everything is in it’s right place” to put it in Radiohead terms.

But lately, “right” and “fine” are not cutting it.

I am as happy as the next guy with the normal American life, but I have to say ever since I hit age 40, I am sensing that there must be more to life than waking, working, eating, relating tiredly, and then sleeping.  I am not discontent – in fact, I am extremely grateful for my home improvement world and the people who make up my spheres of influence.  But, I knew I had to pull away to this place in Snyder, Texas (The Windmill Ranch Preserve) because it has a growing reputation as a place for people like me who are wondering about and wandering into a deeper world.

There has to be more to life than what I can see.

Thus, I have begun this process of withdrawal from the one life by vacate-ing my locale and coming out into this lovely space, which makes me long for solitude.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I expect that withdrawal is an art and that I am a baboon with a paintbrush.  But, one must always be evolving…

(I’ve graduated from excellent Texas Colleges, but I still haven’t found…)