Texas Public Adjusters

I’ve never had anything like a fire or mold or smoke/water damage hit me like they have hit so many people.  I’ve never gone through the emotional losses that come with destruction of property.  And I’ve never had to deal with filing a claim with my insurance company other than with a car wreck.  So, when a Texas Public Adjuster from Dallas came to speak to my class, I was pretty new to the whole conversation.  It seems that this man is a professional in dealing with insurance claims to make sure that people get fair settlements from their insurance companies.  He brought up an example about a couple dealing with a Dallas fire damage claim and he said that they lost just about every valuable thing in their house.  What wasn’t destroyed was smoke damaged and could not be returned to any sort of useable form.  So, they called their insurance company and got the process rolling so that they could get their possessions replaced with new ones.  But the amount of money that they needed to get full replacement was not being offered by their insurance company and they were feeling quite desperate.  This was when someone told them about how Public Adjusters work to make sure people get more money to cover their expenses.

So they called his company, which is located in the heart of Dallas (Abba Claims), and asked if this man and his associates could do anything for them.  Ches, the owner of the business, immediately took note of their situation and considered the amount of money they were claiming they needed to get their stuff back in order.  Then he assured them that he had experience in working with their particular insurance company.  He and his colleagues then set to work on being their advocates in getting them what they needed.  After a lot of back and forth, there was finally a breakthrough and the couple received a check that was more than satisfactory for them to get back to normalcy.

After this man gave his example, he asked if any people in the class had experienced any sort of damages that required an insurance claim to be filed.  Several of the people in the class weighed in and a few of them talked about how hard the process had been in working with their insurance companies.  Not one of them said they had even heard about Public Adjusters but said that they wish they had.  The Public Adjuster told us about all of the various claims that could be filed and then fielded questions from all of us.  I asked that if I ever had any of that stuff happen to me, could I call their offices since they are located in Dallas and I live in Lubbock.  He said that they would pretty much work for anyone, anywhere.

I hope I never need to make use of a Public Adjuster, but this class was great because it made me aware of a resource available to everyone to get fair settlements on just about any sort of claim.  I made note of their phone number and their website just in case I ever needed them to fight for me.