Looking for a house in Lubbock: Tech Terrace

There are so many great homes for sale in Lubbock and plenty of realtors to get you into one of them. But, not all Lubbock homes for sale are in the best spots for growth. This article is all about where I recommend you might start to look…

One of the most obvious neighborhoods to search is called Tech Terrace. Tech Terrace is located on the east side of Indiana Avenue and west side of University from 30th street to 19th street. One drive through the neighborhood will reveal beautiful and original housing choices. Many of them sprawl across two lots and most of the rest of the houses will show very definite character. My wife and I looked long and hard at this neighborhood. It’s an area that was often referred to as the medical district because it is so near the two major hospitals in Lubbock. As far as Tech Terrace is concerned, the biggest drawback is the influx of Texas Tech students now residing there. Over the last several years, rich parents have bought up a lot of “investment homes” in the area for their kids to live in while attending Texas Tech, which is so close to this neighborhood.

I will say that it is a smart move for parents to do this because they would have had to spend money on their kid’s housing somewhere – might as well buy up a place they can get some equity with while having possibly two other roommates paying rent. Brilliant idea for those who have the initial capital. That being said, the larger number of students in the area has certainly changed the feel of the neighborhood as a whole. What once was a neighborhood filled with old money Lubbockites, is now a mix of young and old.

I’m not picking on Tech students by the way – They want nice accommodations close to campus and they want to have some fun while living in these spaces. They want to live it up during this part of their life and I don’t blame them either. But, it’s something to be aware of as you seek Lubbock homes for sale. Don’t just see the beautiful houses in this area and jump in with a bid on a house there without checking up on the neighbors. You want a home that is good in every way and you most likely want one that is quiet and safe.

I’ll write some more on other neighborhoods in future articles. Check back soon.