Post-Decorating Disaster

There is a family that I am really close to who recently re-decorated their living area and kitchen. It was just as they wanted it to be – comfortable, stylish and useful. They were so proud of what they had accomplished and everyone told them that they had done a good job in their choices. But then a disaster struck – a firework landed on their roof without them knowing about it (neighborhood kids) and it resulted in fire damage and smoke damage that destroyed their new furnishings, their roof and their whole re-decoration. It really threw them for a loop. Not only would they have to re-locate for a decent amount of time (to a hotel), but they would have to do a little fighting with their insurance company to ensure that they could recover and rebuild. It was like their life had been taken apart in just a few minutes. They hadn’t imagined that such fire damage could hit them at such a key time. But, they had to start the process of getting everything back – they didn’t think anyone else was going to help them.

But, that’s when they were told about something called a Texas Public Adjuster service in the Dallas area. This company claimed that they could help this family with the entire insurance claim process and even make sure they didn’t get the runaround from the insurance company. This company told them that they would do all they could to get this family all of the money that they needed to actually improve their house. The family checked into this group and found that they had stellar testimonials that made them feel good about using them. (

Well to make this story shorter and sweet, this firm did exactly what they promised. They came in as advocates and independent appraisers to make sure that the insurance company’s appraiser was giving everything a fair look. As a result of Abba’s efforts, this family got back a lot of money to fix their house and beautify it even more than before. It was hard work, but they pulled it off and were able to move beyond the destruction.

I write this article because I want to make other people aware that there are those who are out there who will help you when disaster strikes. Look into Public Adjusters if you run into trouble with your house or business. Most of them are worth the time and research.