DoneLubbock Weddings 35518067_10212119280965012_7095528290751873024_n (1)Saying “I do” is just the beginning of the process of getting married and starting life together.  There are so many things that go into prepping for a marriage that it’s almost impossible to list them here.  From choosing cakes to settling on a specific date, getting married can be a serious stressor.  All of those perfectly chosen invitations going out to the perfect guest list and deciding on how you want your actual wedding ceremony to motor forward – I’ll never forget the almost overwhelming feelings of getting it all done.  (And when I got married, I was graduating from Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas and also planning a year long “honeymoon” in China with a young fiancee – not the smartest timing…)

Anyway, even though I could go into great detail about each piece of Lubbock wedding preparation, I want to spend just a brief time emphasizing one of the things that needs to be done at the very beginning – choosing a Lubbock wedding venue.  This has to be done early because while there are several quality Lubbock wedding venues, there are even more weddings being planned for the best of the venues to be booked on the date that you want.  You don’t want to get stuck in a less than beautiful venue because you waited too long to book your precious event.  (Trust me – my fiancee and I almost failed to secure the venue we wanted and it would have been tough on us emotionally to have to deal with a less than stellar location.)

I recommend that you start researching wedding venues via the Internet first – you can learn a lot by checking out wedding venue websites – you can see testimonials, reviews, rules and especially pictures that will get you to a short list of places that you might want to get married.  Of course, you will want to talk with friends and relatives who are familiar with Lubbock venues and get their opinions.  They can talk about their experiences – hopefully not horror stories – and help you start determining the best spots in town.  Finally, most of the best wedding venues invite you to come and take a tour of their grounds so that you can get a personal feel for what it might be like on your magical day.  Then once you decide on a place, you should book it as soon as possible.  Hopefully, they still have your chosen wedding date open – the earlier you book, the better to make this a probability.

Well, that’s my advice for now – Until next time, I hope he/she says “yes” when you ask for their hand and heart…If you have advice for anyone in the Lubbock area about this subject, please comment so we can have a list of the best venues in town.  Thanks.