Lubbock is getting bigger and better?

I was just told the other day that Lubbock is now one of the top 100 largest cities in the United States. Whether this is true I am not sure. The guy who told me is usually right on and I cannot imagine him joking about this. So we will go with it. There are certainly signs of our “bigness” – lots of new businesses and lots of Lubbock homes for sale. And it seems that the Starbucks I frequent is busier than usual.

But does bigger make us better?

Will this growth affect the smaller city charm we once had?

Are we doomed to become the Dallas of the West with all of its crime and traffic (I am being rude about Dallas – it’s really not that bad)?

Anyway, I keep thinking about Lubbock’s expansion – new neighborhoods with new and pretty and huge homes for sale in Lubbock and I can’t decide if I want this to be the case.

When does a city get too big?

Is there a tipping point when a city starts taking itself too seriously?

Do we have the roads to handle the new population boom?

Will I have to wait at two lights to get through an intersection?

Will it take more than 15 minutes to get all the way across town?

Will prairie dog town be destroyed in favor of humans?

What quaint local stores will be forced out in favor of Pottery Barn?

Will the crappy mall we all embrace become set aside for an outdoor shopping experience that will wow us?

Will new houses and new businesses actually block the 50 mph dust-filled winds that we all choke on day to day?


Are there enough homes for sale in Lubbock?

I don’t know if anyone else is wondering these things. But I am. Let me know if you think is a concern of yours. I’d love to find out how others are viewing the booming South Plains. One thing is for certain and another is silly – We are blowing up in size and we will probably end up like Shanghai or New York. I’m just glad we have an Uber service and two La Madeleines.