As an owner of a Lubbock business or I guess even as an employee who works in an office, you probably know that it is key to keep everything very clean so that you maintain the most professional reputation possible – no one wants their clients to experience an untidy or even dirty workplace bathroom.  That kind of thing can really destroy how your business is viewed and those views can become negative word of mouth very quickly.  Of course, everyone in the office can help to keep their spaces fairly clean during the week and can help to pick up in the restrooms, but I think it takes a cleaning contractor to do it properly.  In other words, it’s important to hire a Lubbock commercial cleaning company that is insured and bonded that can come in during the evenings and weekends and make everything look amazing – a company that you can trust with your office space – a company that has its own great reputation which will help you maintain yours.  I know I have been very judgmental of businesses that don’t pay out the extra money to hire this sort of company.  I can always tell which businesses use them and which ones don’t and I prefer to be a client of those that do – maybe I am just being picky, but I think that the way an office looks reflects how a business does all of its other business.

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing what you think about the above issue.  I’m also interested in  recommending one such cleaning company that has been doing incredible work with corporate clients for a long time.  Known as Professional Maintenance, Inc (, this group of trustworthy maintenance and janitorial people contract with businesses to take care of whatever needs they have as far as office cleaning.  And then, this group of workers comes in and takes care of everything.  And they make everything sparkle.  They don’t just do a  good job, they do a great job every time.  And you can count on them not to get slack as time goes on.  Every time they do their work, it’s fantastic and this is ensured by a maintenance overseer.  Professional Maintenance does not put up with sloppy work or lazy workers.

So, if you have a business and need your office space looking amazing every day, then I would say go with these folks.  I can’t speak from experience about any other commercial cleaning crew in the area, but I know from working with these guys that they will help you in your quest to not only impress clients, but also to clean to the point that illnesses aren’t hanging around in the office space.  It’s easy to spread germs daily with simple coughing and sneezing and that can lead to sick employees which leads to decreased efficiency.  This of course leads to a worse bottom line, which won’t be good for anyone.

Do you have experience with this company or any other cleaning companies in town?  I’d love to see your comments about whoever you have dealt with in the past.  Feel free to let them fly!