Let’s just say I was super impressed with two businesses I visited the other day – both of them housed in the same building.  Both of them are super professional and both of them are run by the same owner, who exudes passion about what he doing on a national scale.

Halo Architects is well known around the country as a unified team who does church architecture and church design (as well as commercial, institutional, etc.).  Their project managers are good at their jobs and all you have to do is check out their portfolio to catch the excellent implementations of the company vision.  Halo works closely with their clients to make sure their architects are completing the jobs efficiently and precisely.

The second business is called Gone Virtual and often works closely with Halo Architects.  Gone Virtual is also involved in church design, but they use special 3D animation technology to create renderings and 3D virtual tours for clients who are about to set their course in building new campaigns.  This ability to show church 3D animation is key in church capital campaigns exactly what is going to happen.  This makes people relax but it also allows for good dialogue to occur so that people can have buy-in.  I’ve worked at three churches which have done capital campaigns and the best of them showed the 3D animation to prepare the congregation.  Everyone wanted what they saw and there was a consensus for the church to go full-steam ahead.

So those are the basics of these businesses and I think they approach legendary because they do what they say under strong leadership and they always work to please their clients. You don’t find my businesses like these two.  I’d definitely model my next business like theirs – good enough, eh?