When it comes to life coaching in Lubbock, Texas, it seems there is a new sheriff in town.

I’ve always been quite skeptical about the life coaching profession, mostly because I consider myself to be fairly grounded, successful and well-adjusted.

So, why would I ever need a life coach?

Most professional counselors and psychologists I have been associated with over the years have been educated but ineffective in helping me start the movements I want to start. And I have figured that if those people who put in time, energy and money to get licensed or degree’d are mostly useless to me as I try to optimize my existence in the real-world, why pay some uncertified hack who self-proclaims themself to be a life-changing life coach to fail me, too? A Lubbock life coach at that…

Nobody is an oracle.

So why spend hard-earned cash on a human who is just guessing at what will help me overcome and thrive?

That has been the guiding question for most of my life and has kept me from investing in counseling or life coaching for the past ten years.

But, recently this question has come into question and I am having to retract a lot of my doubts after meeting the main life coach at iThinkTank Coaching. Ben Donley is a person who has lived all around the world and a person who has experienced the real-world. He has screwed up a lot and has overcome a lot. He uses a Question – Belief – Thought – Feel – Act model in his own life and it has helped him push past addictions, depression, anxiety and inertia. He is an imperfect man but one who knows the right ways to question daily practices and overall worldview.

He coaches using this model as a framework and despite entering in to his process with my strong skepticism, I must admit he is really helping me take steps in directions I never considered. His goal is incremental movement at the foundational levels of beliefs, thoughts and feelings and this leads himself and his clients to change in amazing ways.

I am changing in amazing ways!

I am setting and accomplishing goals that are actually leading me to do meaningful things. I am seeing the world differently and acting differently. And it all started because I booked one thirty-minute session based on what he wrote on his website (www.lubbocklifecoaching.com).

So I can’t believe I am actually doing this, but I am here to recommend you do the same. Ben will help you see your story for what it has been and then help you to to envision one with a very happy ending. (He even helped me brainstorm ways to help my business – He is an SEO guru, too, it turns out!)

Are you looking for change? Do you want to get un-stuck? Want to become the legend you were made to be?

Check out his site and even one of his many books (he has written a bunch) and then book one session. See where it takes you.

That’s all I have for you today.

Good luck and God bless you on your journey to a better end!