Learning New Things

I started attending a business leaders’ networking group about three weeks ago and it has been a great learning experience. I guess I shouldn’t call it just a networking group because we have speakers come in and talk to us about best practices in business. I think I know quite a bit about a lot, but in three weeks time I have learned so much more from all three speakers. It’s like having a business conference or leadership development workshop on a weekly basis and this is so good for me. Speaking of leadership development, we had a man come in who is an expert at executive coaching and talk to us about how to make our mid-level managers into real, passionate leaders within our companies. It was all about getting buy-in from them and then incentivizing their efforts beyond the normal salaries being paid out. I took copious notes about the specifics and asked this guy if he would come to my workplace and speak to my managers. He said that he would be happy to. We scheduled it for two months away. I cannot wait to see what he has to say to them – and also how he will be able to motivate them beyond what I have been able to do.

The second speaker who came in was a public adjuster. Just in case you don’t know what a public adjuster is (I know I didn’t), let’s just say they are advocates for fairness. When people have residential or commercial damage (like a fire or water damage), public adjusters help victims get a fair settlement from their insurance company. Anyway, this man took a pretty cool approach to his talk. He said that since he saw so many disasters firsthand, he was able to identify when a business is damaged and needs outside help getting back on track. He spoke about how his pride had kept him from asking from outside help for a long time, but then he realized that having a mentor would benefit him greatly. He hadn’t realized how “damaged” his business was until this “adjuster” came into his life and showed him the cracks in his leadership. From this mentor, he learned how to identify not only his own business’ problems, but that grew eyes that could see the damage in other’s companies. He said he would be happy to audit our businesses for a small fee and to consult us about how we can keep from exploding or imploding. It was really well done.

Well, that’s all I have to say for today. I’ll probably tell you about the third speaker in my next article. Thanks for reading.