Knowing about Plantation Shutters

I’ve been thinking a lot about adding plantation shutters to my next home, because I think they add a special flair to a house. I don’t know if my wife is too keen on the idea though. She imagines that plantation shutters are just going to be fragile and faded mini blinds that will make our house ugly. She also dreads having to share the dusting duties with me. Anyway, I have been researching wood plantation shutters and I came across a company that actually offers a non-wood option. It’s called Thermowood and it is made of a “green” cellular poly-synthetic material. I like to help the environment and I want cool looking plantation shutters, so I did some research on this company that manufactures them.

This company, which does McKinney plantation shutters and Allen plantation shutters (Dallas based) is called Sewell Shutters ( and has been in business for thirty years. I figure that is a telling sign that they do good work. How else would they make it this long in a tough business climate? Anyway, this company also makes wood blinds for larger windows and according to their testimonials are a killer business. People talk about how quick their work is and also how professional they are. Past customers also talk about how this company has workers who are friendly and ready to answer any questions clients might have. Interesting too is that they have a faith-based value system that they are not afraid to share – that’s pretty brave I think.

So, I think I found the company who is going to do my plantation blinds and I think I am going to go with the Thermowood kind. Now all I need is our new house to be ready so I can have them installed. I hope that happens sooner rather than later. I love decorating houses and so this will be a fun, first addition.