Immediate Help: Top websites

I love this one company’s website. It’s for a business employing Houston Public Adjusters (actually, these public adjusters work all over Texas but I say Public Adjuster Houston because it’s more my locale) and the site is set up so well. As a web guy myself I am always on the lookout for businesses which run their online presence in an exceptional way – and this one belonging to Abba Claims hits every correct note. Not only do they have a ton of information about their company and an updated blog (which Google really likes because of “freshness”) but they also provide a ton of information explaining the ‘ins and outs’ of what their entire industry does. This is great for me and I guess for anyone who has no idea what a Public Adjuster does. After reading their site pages, I feel like a relative expert on what any public adjuster does – which by the way is helping people who have had damage done to their house or business. These professionals go to battle for their clients if the insurance companies are not offering a fair settlement. I guess if I ever have damage happen to my house or business, I’ll look these guys up. Anyway, I am getting off track. Back to the quality of their website (…

The best part of their site is that it asks the site visitor if they need immediate help. They offer a chat option and they also have a pop-up that says if you enter your phone number that they will call you back in ten minutes. Now that is some serious customer service. And even though all of these options are available, it doesn’t feel pushy. It just feels helpful. And combined with all of the other aforementioned qualities, I have to rank this site as one of the best I’ve ever been on. And I think it’s funny that I don’t even need a Public Adjuster, but I just happened on this site because a friend mentioned it.

So, if you are like me and are curious about Public Adjusters, I think this is probably the best website in the business. Or if you are in need of Public Adjuster services, I’d start here and see what they can offer you. Why not expect their employees to be as good or better than their website? Okay, I’ll leave it there and keep my eyes out for another amazing website. If I find one, I’ll write about it too. Until then, may your life be blessed!