How to sing better?

I sing a lot, but I do it very quietly unless I am alone. My wife has an astounding voice and had a career as a singer in LA for a while. But I do not have a great voice and thus I am a writer. So it goes. I won’t complain.

But I have been wondering the following: Can I learn to sing better? My wife was not a great writer several years ago, but she worked on it and had become a very good writer. Is it possible that my not-so-great voice can become” very good” with some sort of training? Or am I stuck with the vocal limitations I’ve been given?

I’ve done some research about this and have run across some pretty convincing claims that say I can actually improve if I take voice lessons from a vocal coach. But my ego tells me to restrain. I dare not step in front of a pro coach, who can probably sing like a bird, and open my shower-worthy throat to utter some Freddie Mercury or Bee Gees. I don’t think I can take the bitter looks of comparative disappointment. (Although I could always blame my Covid mask for my performance).

So, going to a pro vocal coach live is out for a prideful person like me. But what about online voice lessons? I ran across a website called Total Vocal Method, which offers online singing lessons from a guy named Jay Lemon, who has a bunch of really positive reviews. Heck, he even got a regular gal to improve her voice to the point that she got on The Voice TV show. On his site, he has a lot of free videos I can try out. And if I like them and am able to implement some of what he recommends, I can then do a 5-day voice challenge for a very affordable price (like 5$, I think). And it goes on from there.

This is a much more intriguing option for me. I can try some of this guy’s advice on my own, record my attempts, play it back and assess whether or not I should unleash myself onto the world of sound. I don’t even have to let Jay hear my voice if I don’t want to. But then, if I do pass my own low-level quality standards and see some improvement using his free vids, I could give him a shot for real. It doesn’t cost me a ton and I might just end up as the next winner of The Masked Singer.

So, I think I will give Total Vocal Method a shot and see if I end up with a better voice.

I will do the experiment for you and let you know how it goes.

Hope all of you are pursuing legendary ends!

Merry Christmas and good riddance to 2020!