How to make a fire damage claim

There are a lot of fire damage claims in Dallas (really everywhere) during the holiday season – more so than at every time of year. With fires in the fireplace and holiday lights on real Christmas trees, the dangers are endless. So, if you have had or have a fire in your home or your business at any time, it’s important to know how to file a fire damage claim – and if you follow one simple step, you will more than likely have a better result. Here it is: Hire a Public Adjuster to document and prepare your claim – If you do this step, you will have brought in an advocate to stand between you and your insurance claim in any and all negotiations. These public adjusters are so much more knowledgeable than you will be and can get you the best settlement possible. It’s hard enough to deal with business interruption and residential ruin – With a fire, there is the difficulty of handling the emotional reactions. To add to this, there is the legal wrangling that comes between you and the insurance company. The emotional struggle is enough for anyone to handle. And the insurance process is a tough one to navigate. I recommend dealing with the emotional struggles and handing off the fire insurance claim to the professionals at a public adjuster company. You can trust them to get you the best without you having to worry if the insurance company is going to give you a fair and just settlement.

Imagine going through this process alone and ending up with a less than adequate settlement – one that doesn’t allow you to recover and renovate as you need. No one needs this sort of disappointment especially after experiencing the junk that comes with the fire itself. So, who should you call? Which company is dedicated to providing the best public adjustment in Texas? These are key questions. You don’t need a fly by night company – one that doesn’t know how to work the entire process. My suggestion is that you check out one company in particular, because in my dealings with them, you can be assured of a solid and passionate approach to your claim. The company that I am referring to is called Abba Claims. They have offices in Lubbock, Austin, Houston, San Antonio as well as offices in other parts of the country. You can check them out at or give them a call toll free at (888) 908-2042.

Final thought: I hope that you never have to deal with any sort of fire, but if you do, I offer my condolences. From my experience, it is a depressing devastation. If it has happened to you (or if it does happen), please use the advice above to get yourself back in the game as quickly as possible.

So, have you had to deal with a fire at your home or business? What steps did you take to handle your fire damage claim? Any other advice from those of you who have had to deal with a fire? I look forward to your take on this process.