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July 7, 2017

Google Adwords for Marketing ROI

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Google Adwords for Marketing ROI – Week Thirty-Two

Hey guys – another week and another set of good teachings that I think all of the owners really needed to hear – me especially. But before I get into that let’s talk about prayer with my cadre of three. Josh is rolling along with his Lubbock lawn care business and said that he has implemented some of the things we have talked about in the larger group. He said that it has been amazing to see his workers respond to his different style of leadership. Liz echoed Josh as far as her Lubbock catering business – she is experiencing what she calls a “renewal of hard work.” I reported that I needed prayer for my follow-through with things. I tend to start well with change and then I let it fall. This is a bad thing to model to my employees and so I need some supernatural help to motivate me. Besides those things, we also committed to read the same spiritual books – first one is The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen. We all said that being on the same spiritual page with our spiritual times at home would be great.

As for the larger gathering, we had a female marketing expert from a Lubbock private school come in and really shake us up with some really excellent advice. She basically said that we need to be putting our marketing dollars into play where there is good return. She told us that if we were still taking out ads in the phone book that we should immediately stop when the contract with them is over. She also said the same about putting ads into the newspaper. She told us what we should have already known – marketing via those mediums is an old and mostly useless exercise. We are wasting our money on these things. She told us to save those monies that we were putting into old mediums and start to become acquainted with new forms of advertising. Why? Because the old ways are hardly looked at anymore, which makes our investments poor – in other words, we wouldn’t get a good Return on Investment (ROI). She focused in on using Google Adwords and gave us some basic starting points for that. She also said that if we fill out a form online then a Google advertising specialist will get in touch with us. She said that they can train us how to set our pay per click budgets and get us rolling. She also recommended that we swallow any pride we have and to buy a Google Adwords for Dummies book so that we can grasp some of the intricacies of this online advertising service. After she finished, there were several questions concerning the costs of this new marketing. The people who were silent pretty much agreed with everything this woman had to say. I was feeling confident about pulling my money from those old investments and giving Google Adwords a chance to have better demographic targeting and increased ROI.

So readers, any of you out there still using the old methods of marketing? If so, why do you do it? Any of you have experience with Adwords? If so, let me know what you think about it as a marketing strategy? Let me know when you can. Thanks in advance.

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