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July 18, 2017

Glass Half Full

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Glass Half Full – Week Thirty-Six

I went ahead and moved my company retreat to this next weekend because so many of my employees had voted for this upcoming weekend’s date. It wasn’t best for me, but I shuffled some family things around to make sure I was going to be ready to talk with them about incentives, vision, living wages and attitude shifts. Liz said that her Lubbock catering business was going to be held in about three months time. She mentioned that since she had some strong corporate ties to several other franchises she wanted to keep a later date open so that leaders from those franchises could join them. Josh was still up in the air about his Lubbock lawn care retreat because of his father’s continuing struggles with health. We prayed together today after reading Psalm 23 aloud and asking God to show us what we needed to focus on. Then we just spoke out our prayer requests while in prayer mode. It was a powerful time of bonding between us three.

As for the larger gathering, we had Claire again – the Attitude Coach – who had begun her talk on complaining the last week. She is a good speaker so I enjoyed her once again today. She mixes in funny jokes and stories to hammer home her points which is not easy to do as a speaker. Anyway, today she went into how our business cultures needed to have optimism rule the days rather than negativism. She said that if we were “cups half empty” environments instead of “cups half full” environments, it can lead to work being a necessary grind rather than being a hopeful place to share life. She reminded us that how we coach our employees needs to be true but not harsh. She said we needed to be strong when we admonished our employees but not heavy-handed. She told us that the way we treated our employees was going to trickle down to the lowest levels of our company and either positively affect or negatively infect who we have hired to represent us in the community. She said a bunch of other stuff too – like about being a careful listener and a person who gives out encouragement often. But I have to admit I wasn’t paying attention as well as I should have been after the first fifteen minutes. I got distracted by a few new people who came in late to the meeting and I sat there wondering who they were and why they had joined us. Goofy me!

So readers, do you have any experience leading positive cultures at your workplace? What do you do to make working for you as enjoyable as it can be? Does it make a significant difference among your crews? Let me know what you think when you get the chance.

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