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July 19, 2017

Fire Damage Solutions

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When you have fire damage…

If your house has fire damage and you need to file a fire damage claim with a Texas Insurance Adjuster, it can be a trial to find a company to handle it with professionalism and customer care. It’s enough that you have had to endure the fire in your home – you don’t need a claims adjuster who botches the process and gets you less than you need to replace smoke damaged furniture and to fix the exterior. And this happens a lot more than you would think. There are a lot of claims adjuster companies that promise the moon, but leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. I have experienced this myself and watched as it happened to another of my family members (no, we are not pyromaniacs). We have all had to deal with the loss of precious things and we thought we would get the right amount of money to at least recover from the mess. But, neither of us got what we needed.

With all of that being said, I want to recommend a group of Texas Public Adjusters that actually fight for their customers. Abba Claims is a group out of Dallas but they have offices from Lubbock to Florida and they helped some of my friends get what they needed – even more actually. My friends who used this Abba Claims company were able to completely renovate their house and put in new furniture to replace the smoke damaged stuff. I actually couldn’t believe it when I walked into their “new” house. It was filled with new furniture and the house actually looked better than it had previous. They told me that this fresh new space was all because the owner of Abba Claims (Ches) went to bat for them and did it with passion – as if it was his own claim and his own fire damaged house. He promised the moon and gave them the stars too. He (Abba) over-delivered on everything and made me a little jealous. Now, I don’t want to have another fire so I can use him and them, but I just wish I had used Abba Claims. If I ever get fire or water damage in my house I will definitely give them a call.

I am writing this blog to give each of you the chance to use them if you need their services. Why slog through the interview process when you can start your claim with one of the best? I think that Abba covers all sorts of damage to property, but I recommend that you check out their website to see how they might be able to help you in the present or in the future. They can be found at – Check them out and then feel free to comment on them. I’d be interested in hearing other positive reviews from some of you out there…

Have you ever had any water damage or fire damage at your house? If so, did your claims company help you get what you needed to have a “new” home? Send me positive and negative reviews so I can help people find the best company for their claims. Thanks in advance…

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