Fire Damage in Plano

Plano began as a small little suburb of Dallas but it has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade making it one of the fastest growing suburbs in Texas.  I know from my year living there that it has all the makings of its own claim to be a big city, but has still been swallowed up by the DFW area.  Anyway, that’s not why I am writing.  I am instead writing to address a need for so many people – business and home fire damage in Plano.  I don’t know if it just the city’s growth or what, but there has been a significant increase in fires over the past two years – both commercially and residentially.  And I wanted to write this little article giving some advice to those who have had these fires and/or who are going through the loss at this time.  I also write to those who might have a fire in the future.  It’s always good to be prepared just in case the worst case scenario happens.

Here’s what I am advising:  If you have a fire and need to file a Plano fire damage claim, make sure to check into hiring a company that does public adjusting before trying to handle your insurance company on your own.  Texas public adjusters are those professionals who help you with the process of filing your insurance claim and who help you get a proper settlement so that you can repair the damage to your home or business.  I can say from experience that when you have a fire, it can be quite expensive.  Not only is there the external damage that needs to be fixed, but all of possessions inside of the house or business might need to be replaced.  And I can say that getting the right amount of money back from your insurance company can be quite a challenge.  Some of them tend to see things as “what is the lowest amount of money we can give the persons filing a claim?”  They are a business too and of course want the best for their bottom line.  Besides this, the insurance process itself can be very frustrating and difficult.  That’s why I am suggesting that you employ a Texas public adjuster firm to help you.  One example of this type of company is called Abba Claims and is located in Dallas.  There are others, but the one I have the most confidence in is Abba.  I have had excellent experience with them in the past and I think you might want to check them out at to get a good idea as to what they do well.

With that I will leave you and hope you never have to deal with a residential or a commercial fire.  But if you do, consider what I said and make the process easier and more lucrative.