Day 95– Monday Mountains

Ruidoso is a cool place that I hadn’t been to in a decade or more – It’s a few days past Summer and I could feel the perfect weather of the fall season. I could feel release as soon as I entered this place – an extra shot of relaxation hit me – I didn’t know I was carrying so much stress over my Lubbock catering clients and/or my landscaping clients. I guess you have to get away to know where you really stand emotionally – I was thankful to be here and even more thankful to be here with my fiancée Melissa. Still walking with a slight limp, she was radiant and as relaxed as I was – being away from the stresses of the hospital was doing her good. Once we got to the luxury room we both were in awe of the lake view we had from the fourth floor – hand in hand, we stood there and just took a deep breath. This is what happiness feels like – in the center of God’s creation standing beside the one you love.

We ate at a fantastic place called Tina’s that served green chili tamales and the absolute best cinnamon rolls on the planet (I challenge anyone to find one better – this one had fresh bacon stuffed into it – enough said). Melissa had found this place and several other restaurants for us to try in the next day or so. I learned very quickly that we have the same tastes in food – local favorites over chain restaurants – that’s a good thing because we will be eating lots of foods together over our lives. If she liked Cheddar’s and TGIFridays over the restaurants that are local I would probably have to break up with her – or better yet just suffer with most of the rest of America. I did learn a pretty major difference between Melissa and me when we got back to the Inn of the Mountain gods – On the fifth floor, there is a good sized casino – I love to play poker and there was a really cool poker room – I wanted to play and match my skills against the players inside. Melissa was totally cool with that and she even stayed and watched over my shoulder for an hour or so as I gained chips and lost chips – up and down – thrilled and disappointed. Still, she was a trooper, but this was not her idea of a vacation. I learned that she liked to go to the pool and hot tub – I learned that she loved to just sit on the balcony and look out over the lake and into the mountains – I learned that she was big into reading books cover to cover on trips away. I love to go and do. We talked about this difference and we both decided that we would give each other room to do vacation as each of us preferred, with some good compromise built in. I won’t play poker the whole time and she won’t isolate into a deep rest the entire time. I think this was an important discovery – She is a rester and I am a doer – Once we get married we can simply switch up the locations – one for her and then the next for me – and then we can do the compromise trip after those.

Meditation: The book of James talks about how temptation links up with one’s desire and leads to destruction. I don’t want destruction. I want the opposite. But when you desire and are tempted, destruction is much harder to avoid than one would think. I have lived that out a lot in life. And with my desire on full blast around Melissa in a shared hotel room, temptation looms large. Melissa and I talked this over and we agreed that any physical touch had to be in public – no touchy in the room at all or we would end up in sorrow that we had gone too far. Sorry to those who had to be around us as we showed public displays of affection, but it was a good rule. Day two was fantastic overall. God is showing us much grace…