Day 94 – A Sunday Jump

The weather is getting a bit cooler and I am feeling the fall swoop in upon me – Amazingly, the pool still feels warm enough to keep me away from the dreaded Elliptical machines – I prefer to be in the water rather than on dry land swinging my arms and legs to the beat of a Spotify mix – I like the music part but there is just something about treadmill-like equipment that makes me feel like I am stuck in one spot – probably because I am stuck in one spot. Anyway, I swam this morning at my short term furnished apartment to get myself to wake up. It was an extra cool morning swim because Melissa decided to surprise me with her presence. She said she was tired of wondering what my morning workout was like – she jokingly said that if we are going to get married we need to know about our partner’s workout regime. She is a stair climber and a marvelous one to be sure. She went ahead and dove in with me and we both did the same workout. It was sort of fun to have a synchronized swimming partner. Then when we were done, Melissa surprised me again. I was going to just have a normal day of rest apart from my church architects and my Lubbock homes for sale etc., but Melissa had been surreptitiously planning a three-day and two-night getaway to Ruidoso. She was already packed and ready to go and so I excitedly got myself ready. Throw some clothes into a bag and jam together my hygiene products into a bathroom bag – ready to make this four-hour trip to the mountains. I asked her if she was trying to seduce me like Mrs. Robinson, but she denied it and scolded me for comparing her to an older woman.

On the way to Ruidoso, I let Melissa play the DJ with my large stack of compact discs – mostly Britpop and new wave 80’s. It was fun to sing as loud as we could and just let go of the world around us. After two hours of this, Melissa pulled out some cd’s that she said we should listen to so we could improve our relationship – It was a Christian book turned into a cd pack – the book is called The Love Dare and it was a national bestseller. I had heard of it from one of the administrators of the Pre-K school and I was happy that we were going to learn from it.  It was supposed to be all kinds of good. She said that she had read half of it but that she wanted us to go through it together so we could be on the same page (see what I did there). We started it and it was so good that we had to pause the cd time and time again so we could talk about what we were hearing. It was a great learning experience and it was very appropriate because we were about to be sleeping in the same room at the Inn of the Mountain gods – of course separately sleeping in two queen beds, but still in the same room in the dark. This was going to be a challenging temptation to overcome simply because we had been struggling with the right levels of physical touch pre-marriage anyway – now we would battle the temptation together. Anyway, this cd about having and showing the right kind of love was a smart buffer zone as we headed into our own pajama time.

Meditation of the day was about how God would leave the 99 sheep in the pasture just so he could retrieve the one sheep that had wandered away. I was struck by His love for each individual wanderer and the celebration that followed the finding of the sheep. I don’t want to be as dumb as a wandering sheep, but I know that “all we like sheep” end up distant from God at different times. God is a good shepherd.

My Sunday was amazing – and just in case you were wondering, Melissa and I controlled ourselves as we shared our first night together.