Day 83 – Wednesday Wearables

I woke up really late this morning – My doctor told me to take two Claritin and I didn’t mean to but I sacked it for sixteen hours. These brain changers gave me some really strange dreams about hanging out with hippies who wouldn’t let me take a shower and get ready on my own. Plus their kid had this weird fascination with Woody Guthrie. To top it all off, I thought I was awake when I was with them – so it was sleep inside of sleep. This experiment to crush my histamine might have helped me more on a weekend when I don’t have appointments to make. It’s a good thing that I went to bed at a reasonable hour. No pool time but I made my first meeting with sweat on my forehead – more Lubbock homes for sale – more Lubbock Pre-K – more Lubbock catering. All good meetings but I had to push back a meeting with the new restaurant that just hired me. They were not too worried about it since I was able to email them a baseline report about their initial analytics. And I have to tell you that the baseline reports are such a key to this business. Without them, you don’t have anything to show any positive movement for the clients. They love to see the starting line and I love to watch that starting line disappear behind us in a positive direction.

My lunchtime meditation was appropriately “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” As I jammed a Subway sandwich down my gullet, I considered what it means to taste God – not that He has a flavor and not that He can bitten off and chewed. But, God can be tested out to see if He is who He claims to be. I once told two atheists something based on this verse. I told them to just give God a shot to show up in their lives. I told them that if they would just ask God to show Himself to them by asking for that very thing on a nightly basis before they went to bed, God would do just that. And you know what? Both atheists converted to Christianity because you can taste and see if God is good. He’s never sour and He’s always worth the risk. In the past, I used to argue with atheists and agnostics trying to prove God’s existence to them using philosophy, quantum mechanics and other apologetics. It never worked. So I decided to simply put it all on God. After all, God wants everyone to come to salvation a lot more than I care and He has all the resources to make Himself clear to specific individuals that I gave Him all the pressure. Testimonies are fine and dandy, but I’ll turn it over to God every time if I can. Do you believe in God? If not, I would ask that you give God a six-month trial – see if He shows up in some tangible way that makes you taste and see that He is good.

Melissa is good – She is expected to get out of the hospital in the next few days just doing her physical therapy on an outpatient basis. She is a tough one. I’d be using this whole deal to mourn my condition to all who would listen. I would insist on staying in the hospital at least until I met my insurance’s out of pocket maximum. Then I could get everything I needed from that moment on for free. Imagine health care being free. Thanks Obamacare – I’m kidding on that one. I’m not a fan of this system – not one bit. Anyway, that was my Wednesday – one of rush but one of depth. I’ll see you Thursday.