Day 130 – Sunday somewhere

I am sure you have noticed that I have passed my three-month corporate housing stint – I forgot to memorialize it with a song or a poem. But I renewed for a huge nine months a few weeks ago at this fine Lubbock establishment – Why change locations now? I love where I am and they seem to have grown accustomed to having me here. It’s actually nice to be remembered by almost all of the staff here – No one likes to be an unnamed shadow for long. I have learned their names as well and sometimes some of them share their backstories with me. One of them, Elise, was pregnant for a while (the dad disappeared as a lot of “dads” do) but then she miscarried. She cried a lot about it to me and I just hugged her as she wept. It was weird to have such emotional sharing but I thought about it and recalled that she doesn’t have a close family to be there for her. So, I became the surrogate. Anyway, she is just one of the most memorable of the staff because she has put her tears on one of my favorite shirts.

I hate the feeling of being alone and I also hate that there are people like Elise who feel it so deeply on a daily basis. I think of my support system that even goes as far as several of my clients and I thank God that I am not left to cry on a relative stranger’s arm. I wish everyone had at least a few people they could count on. I wish everyone had people who loved them unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are millions of desperately lonely people who don’t have anyone who cares about them. It’s too bad really.

This leads me to Melissa who also signed the same length of lease as I did so we could move out together and move in together to our cool house post-marriage. She told me that she had some ideas for our Lubbock landscapers to implement – some decorative rocks and some specific flowers that she would love to see added. I told her that I had ideas about nothing in particular. I just said that whatever she wanted she was going to get – I know this might be giving her carte blanche to run all over me as we progress into marriage – that I might be setting her up in a system of being spoiled. But, I don’t think she is the sort who is going to take advantage of me. After all, she has said basically the same stuff to me. We both want each other to be happiest with what is most important to the particular person. The decorations on the front lawn don’t concern me as much as they do her – therefore she gets to make the call. The same goes for me – she doesn’t care where we go on yearly vacations but I do – thus I get to pretty much decide where we will travel. And if she messes with me about it in the future, I’ll just file for an annulment (a joke).

I did my treadmill workout as Melissa watched from her elliptical machine and laughed afterwards because she said I looked angry the entire time I walked fast. I told her that I was angry and that this anger fueled me to beat my treadmill in this daily fight. I shall triumph…

That was Sunday in Lubbock – another fine day.