Day 119 – Wednesday Work

As per my usual schedule, I still hit the pool as soon as I climbed out of bed. I asked the management how long they were going to keep it open. They turned around and asked me if I wanted it open through the fall if the temperatures remained in the sixties. I told them yes and they said, “Well then, it’s a done deal. We’ll leave it open for you and the kids who dare brave its cold in the afternoons.” I was happy about this – just one more reason to love my corporate housing situation. They are the coolest here. Maybe they will let me come visit my pool once in a while after I move into my new house just for old times sake…I think I’m addicted to their brand of chlorine or something.

Today was a good work day because I got to sit down with new owners of my Lubbock landscaping company and to show them how well they are doing in comparison to their competition. For a long time, they were not willing to invest in a new website, but when I got to Lubbock I talked them into replacing their old school one (non-responsive) with a really cool WordPress site. And they also started Search Engine Optimization, which has boosted them a lot as far as business coming in. The head of the company and his COO joined our meeting and they both told me thanks for handling them so well – that I had pushed them in the right direction without being “pushy.” Anyway, they said they wanted to invest some more money into SEO for the keyword phrases, “Christmas Lights” and “Christmas Light installation.” I told them it made a lot of sense to do that since Christmas is right around the corner. My company will be happy once I tell them all of this – By the way, did I tell you that my company did approve setting up an office for me to run here in Lubbock? I am so glad about this because now I won’t have to quit and find another digital marketing job. I can stay right here in Lubbock with my amazing future-wife. I am a blessed man.  Speaking of marital issues, we decided on who we were going to use for our rehearsal dinner.  There were a lot of options for catering in Lubbock, but I think we found the best one.  All of our friends agreed with our choice so we felt good.

Meditation: More Ezekiel and more God-driven destruction – This time the reading was all about how the world famous city of Tyre was going to be brought down. Tyre was a major port city and it shipped out all sorts of goods to other nations. God said that this city had gotten too proud of itself and thought of itself as a god since the other nations loved and depended on them. This led Him to unleash some pretty major “reforms” which would humble them completely. What stuck out to me about this was how powerful God can be when He deals with a nation. There is a Psalm that says to God, “Let the nations know they are but men.” I think about how America is so proud of itself and I wonder if any of this sort of judgment is on the schedule for us someday. Are we as bad as Tyre? Do we think we are untouchable like they thought? What would judgment look like and how would it affect me? (Of course I wonder about me because I am fairly self-centrered.)

Okay – enough judgment talk – Let’s just say that I am aware of the possibility now.