Day 117 – Monday again

Nothing against this Monday but it felt empty and anxious from the start – I woke up in my Corporate Housing bed and didn’t feel like getting up. I don’t know where this heavy tiredness came from – maybe it was that I was nervous about the Bible Study I was facilitating in the evening. Or maybe I was just due for a challenging day. The brain and the heart sometimes rebel against me and leave me struggling to find a firm grip. I hate the sense that I am running against a powerful wind from the start but what human has great and easy days every single day? Maybe Warren Buffett but maybe not – maybe he is Richard Cory behind the scenes.

Anyway, I skipped my pool workout and just took a long, cold shower to shake off some of the beat down feelings. Cold showers are horrible to step into but they do something good for me – I typically go from dead to bouncing around with energy. This time was no different. I still felt down but I lost the lingering tiredness. I went by Melissa’s suite and gave her a kiss goodbye. I asked her to be praying for me and she assured me she would. She told me that I shouldn’t worry about the Bible Study because God always handles His word and makes it do its job even when we blow it. I had to agree. She is growing so quickly in her understanding of God’s word and His nature.

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t stayed in this short-term furnished housing – Would I have still met Melissa somewhere else? Would I still be loved and in love? Were we destined for one another? How much does location and timing affect relationships? Those sorts of questions always seem to fascinate me. I don’t think I will ever have the answers for such things – maybe it’s best not to ask them.

I checked on three of my newer clients and I gave them their newest analytics reports. They were all happy with what I showed them and all three of them told me that they could see a marked increase in business as a result of my work. I was happy that they could attribute it to some hard computer work on my part. But I still knew that it wasn’t all me. And even if it was all due to my computer placements, I would have to give God the credit for favoring my work. It’s really all God if you think about it – He enables us to do everything. Think about that the next time you are about to pat yourself on the back – you might want to throw up a prayer of thanksgiving to God while you stretch your hand back to your shoulder.

Bible Study: The same ten people came plus two more which were brought by one of Melissa’s nursing friends. We talked about Ecclesiastes 2. It made us all a bit jealous that the author could indulge hedonism in the name of wisdom. But once I told them that Solomon wrecked his life by doing this, we all backed off of our desires. It was a good group and Melissa was right – God covered it.

The day ended much better than it began.