Day 114 – Friday counsel

The day started as per usual at my Lubbock corporate housing spot with breakfast and the pool time. I decided to wear some cool new clothes I just bought the other day – I decided to bring back the hipster look to Lubbock – some torn jeans and a skinny black tie over a shirt that I didn’t tuck in. This outfit takes at least ten years off of me because people would not be able to accept that someone as old as me might take such a fashion risk. Oh yeah, and I also had a nice new fedora on – how could I forget that topper? Sometimes I just have to bounce out of my normal to remind myself that I actually do exist amidst humanity – for now. Plus, Melissa helped me pick these clothes out and dared me to wear them to my meetings with clients. I took that dare and I think my clients were pleasantly surprised that I was risking looking like a punk twenty-something for a day. We will call this my Halloween outfit since we are in the month of October.

Just a fast update: Lubbock homes for sale and homes for sale in Lubbock are doing well for Coldwell Banker ( I’m making use of external blogs and internal blogs to keep Google crawling happy on this site. These realty folks have already had their back end (administrative) side of things fixed up and so I feel free to build up solid links for them. Really, I do that for everyone now because I have ‘mature’ clients that just need great links coming from all over. I basically could say all of the same things for my restaurants (Lubbock catering mainly), my commercial company, etc. Anyway, work is going well. I need to make some cold calls some time next week to get some new companies on the list – take them through my process so that their businesses can have the Google love in web exposure. Okay, enough of my jargon. I’ll take my skinny tie and fedora to another subject.

Even though Melissa had a late night shift scheduled she wanted to go ahead and have our pre-marital session with that counselor. We did that and it was good even though we had gone through some of the subjects on our own. It was nice to have that third person voice to add to our voices. We both gave a rundown of our “relational weeks” and that proved interesting because I thought I knew everything about how Melissa was feeling. Turns out I didn’t – She was feeling sort of insecure about her placement in my life (priorities) and a bit nervous about the house we had bought for ourselves. She said that it seemed like I was being impatient with her in my tone lately. I apologized and said I would try to not be such a rushed jerk. My report was simply that I felt great to have Melissa in my life and I felt that she got me in ways that others never have. The therapist listened well and asked good questions about these things. She was good at drawing out answers that were hidden deeper in our beings. We are certainly not wasting our time – it’s worth the time and the money.

Meditation: “Finally be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.” This verse came from Ephesians 6 and stuck out to me because I rarely feel the strength of the Lord – probably because I am leaning on my own version of strength. I am still not sure how to access God’s power. Most likely, I need to ask more and wait more.