Day 112 – Wednesday Willies

The pool was still open today at my short-term furnished housing space but I have to admit that swimming in 55-degree temperatures is much harder than mid-eighties temperatures. I have to jump right in now and start powering into my freestyle stroke as fast as possible to get my body accustomed to the cold. And today, after about five minutes of suffering, my body stopped screaming at me to get back in bed or at least to retreat to a hot shower in my Lubbock corporate housing spot. I figure that the discomfort of the cold is worth it since it wakes me up and gets me fully aware of the new day. Today I still wondered when the management was going to shut my workout place down. They haven’t posted anything as of yet and the monthly newsletter to tenants didn’t say anything. I guess I’ll just keep showing up until they drain it – or until ice forms on top.

Are you tired of me talking about my times in the pool? Are you sick of me talking about my corporate housing wonderland? Well, too bad, sucka – this is my journal. You don’t like it, you can start your own…

I took Melissa to breakfast at a local spot (where they usually focus on Lubbock catering) and we enjoyed talking about how much we love each other. We also talked about our next appointment with the pre-marital counselor. What would he suggest to us? What will he challenge us with? Does a stranger have any clue about our possibilities and our probabilities? I guess we will see in a few days. Melissa told me what she was learning from her third time through The Love Dare and she asked me what I was learning. I told her honestly that I hadn’t picked it up since we listened to the CD’s on the way back from Ruidoso. This did not please her and I made the wise decision to pick it back up. I knew I needed to basically read it and re-read it for eternity, but I was being lazy. I told her that I would get back into it so we could be practicing its suggestions daily. It is such a solid book that I could see it helping us from now on if we stay consistent with it. The love it proposes is the sort found in I Corinthians 13 and thus it will be good if we are able to put it into play for each other. I guess God’s word is good for every sort of training.

My work yesterday on “Lubbock homes for sale” is already paying dividends. The realty company’s foundational rankings for Google jumped two spots and the ranking jumped one spot. That might seem like tiny moves, but any move upward is a move to be celebrated. I haven’t spoken much to my church architects lately because they have settled into the top ranking spot and don’t seem to need anything but reliable analytics reports. All of my other clients are getting my daily foci (I love the word ‘foci’ even though I misuse it all of the time in my writing). Anyway, that’s my work report.

My meditation time was good if not a little confusing. I jumped right into the front of Ezekiel and that is not an easy book to apply to my life. Sure, I break God’s commandments like the Israelites, but I don’t see national judgment coming anytime soon.