Day 100 – Saturday the following

I purposefully chose my meditation for today because I suddenly recalled that I would be leading a Bible study on Ecclesiastes very soon. Chapter two of that book talks about how the author, Solomon, denied himself nothing that his eyes desired. I think this is a crazy hedonistic pursuit that could lead anyone astray and according to other parts of the Bible, it does lead Solomon to leave God behind in favor of the women he brought in during that time. Solomon writes that he was just trying to see if there was any meaning that comes with embracing folly and of course there was not – just like there wasn’t any meaning in anything that he pursued. This whole adventure of his – this whole grabbing up all the fun and folly – made me wonder what he expected to learn from it all. It also makes me think of how my own American culture markets this sort of life to me. I am told to eat, drink and be merry with a big house and an expensive car – to self-actualize – to live life to its fullest. I see it and feel pulled toward its tractor beam very often. I wonder what I would do if I had as much money as Solomon – would I try the same experiment? Would I survive this kind of experiment? Am I surviving this culture’s experiment? I can certainly say I catch myself always wanting more than I already have. That’s not good. I need to think more about the people around me who are truly suffering to stay alive – I rarely do.

As for my time in this short-term furnished housing suite, it was good. Melissa and I spent the day together – we ate at a Mexican food place called Montelongo’s and it was fantastic and then we prepped ourselves for afternoon church with a solid afternoon nap. We got to service early so I could talk to my church architects who were showing off more of their 3D animations today. They were in good spirits because they had just landed another project in Colorado, which happens to be growing by leaps and bounds. It’s in Colorado Springs, which is still known more for its Christian influences than for its marijuana sales. I’m sure this will be overtaken soon enough. But as for now, the church architects were all about this new sanctuary and Family Life Center in the Springs. It was good to see them so excited. They showed me their plans and renderings and it was surely impressive – much larger than the church here.

The church service itself was fairly formulaic (and I mean that in a good way). The worship team introduced a few new songs and brought in two hymns, which was shocking to me. I love hymns and I got me some. Anyway, the preacher followed them up with a rocking sermon about obeying God wholeheartedly rather than part-heartedly. He talked about how so many things vie for our heart’s attention and that we must be vigilant in our refusal of those things. I thought that this was a good lecture, especially after doing my Solomon meditation earlier. Melissa told me what she got out of it after the service was over and that was it.  I did see one of the Pre-K teachers at church again and we talked a bit about their enrollment.  She said that it was all growing very well.  I was happy to hear it.


Day over – a good day finished.