Smoke Damage

Dallas smoke damage claims are up this year because of a lot of small fires that broke out during the winter season.  From Christmas trees to fires in fireplaces getting out of control, there are a lot of reasons for small fires in your home or business.  And even though those small fires might not blaze and cause full-on destruction of your property and your possessions, there has probably been a lot of smoke damage that renders your stuff ruined.  And I have found that a lot of people who are affected by this kind of damage don’t think about filing a fire or smoke damage insurance claim in Dallas.  This is a mistake.  If this has happened to you, you definitely need to file an insurance claim with the company you are with to help recover from the damage.

As well, I would recommend beginning this process by contacting a Texas Public Adjuster to help you as you deal with your insurance company.  Public Adjusters are quite helpful in giving you great consulting and they as well can act on your behalf with regards to getting the best settlement on your claim.  As you might know, some insurance companies are not always looking to give out a fair settlement on smoke damage claims.  This is a problem that Public Adjusters can help you solve.  I know of one company in particular that deals with smoke damage claims in the entire Dallas area.  Check out Abba Claims and ask for Ches Bostick to get that ball rolling (888-908-2042).  I figure, “Why go at this process alone when you can have well-trained professionals do it with you?”

Well, that’s all I have to say for now.  I just want everyone who has had smoke or fire damage to make sure they get the best possible settlement.  I hope this article has helped you in some way or another.  If it doesn’t apply to you, feel free to share this information with a friend or family member who is going through this process.