Christmas Fun

There are so many fun traditions you can be a part of during the holiday season and I have to admit I have not done a lot of them over the past few years. But, I’ve decided to add some traditional fun back into my Christmas preparations this year. What traditions do you have? Any you want to share so I can really go for it this year?

Here is what I am planning for this year:

  1. Holiday lighting – Basically I want to go all out in lighting up the outside of my house. I live in Lubbock and I have heard that the best Lubbock Christmas lighting company is called Lubbock Roots. I’m too lazy to do it myself and I would mess it up bad anyway. I can just see myself falling off of my own roof and snapping my neck with a string of lights in my crumpled hand. No thank you. So, I am going to go ahead and book my Lubbock holiday lighting in the summer (now) because I hear that this company gets reserved up very early. I have seen their work before and I want to recommend them to all of my readers. They offer all sorts of options and I think they will kick some butt on my house’s exterior.
  2. Real tree – I have always loved the smell of pine in my friends house when they put a real tree in their house. I also just think real trees look better once they are decorated than the fake decorated trees. I’ve never had one myself because I always think I’m going to burn my house down. But, this year I am going to get some of my buddies fireproof a real tree.
  3. Christmas party – I don’t have much family in Lubbock, but that doesn’t mean I have to just sit around and pity myself as a lonely person at the holidays. I will go to my parents’ house in Dallas at some point to hang out with family there, but I also want to invite some friends and colleagues over to my house before that happens. I think it will be fun to get some of the best Lubbock catering and play Christmas games and sing some carols around my block. We can also hang up mistletoes everywhere and make some of our own ornaments. Why not? Why not have a pseudo-family party before I go to my real families’ house?
  4. Fruitcakes – I have always heard that fruitcakes are gross, but I am going to buy one for myself and send one or two out to some friends. I just might have the right palate for those ill-reputed desserts.
  5. Gifts for the poor – There always seems to be a toy drive to bless kids around the city whose parents don’t have enough money to buy their children fun presents. This year I am going to make sure to “adopt” like three kids that I buy gifts for – I might even get involved in delivering my gifts to their families. It’s time for me to be selfless in the holiday season.

Well, I am sure there are other things that come to mind as I prepare for this Christmas. I’m open to your suggestions and care what you think about the above ideas. Thanks in advance…