Capital Campaigns: Going Virtual?

This post comes from the poolside of my Lubbock Corporate Housing space – nice place.

If you are a church leader who has decided to do a church capital campaign, what have you decided to focus on? What sort of help do you need inside of your church? What sort of help do you need from the outside of your church? Are you sure you really want to do this? Are you sure you really want to do this? These are key questions for any church team that has decided to embark on what can be a really tough journey. Many a church has divided over capital campaigns for the following reasons:

1. What is deemed to be manipulative marketing

2. A call for everyone to give a lot more money when money is tight

3. Guilt trips given out from the pulpit

4. No use of internal influencers

5. No effective change agency methods

6. Poor overall communication

7. Refusal to use virtual imaging to get people to see what they are giving to

8. No use of stages (everything is thrown at the congregation at one time)

9. Hiring capital campaign “experts” who don’t follow through with what they promise (usually hired because they are cheaper)

10. Strong personalities (dominators) who hijack important budgetary meetings

11. Use of Scripture that is taken out of context to fit the pitches

12. The simple fact that most of the congregation does not think new buildings are needed

13. A church that has a history of factions and splits over small things

With all that being said, there are a lot of churches, which need to run a capital campaign and they need as much internal and external support as possible. Yes. That’s right. Sometimes churches actually do need to expand their spaces so that more ministry can be done. The rooms are packed with congregants and church growth is being stymied for that reason. Who wants to turn away people from the sanctuary doors because people are packed in like sardines. And even if new buildings or new space is not needed, there are always needs for renovations. So, I’m recommending a company who I think can really help you navigate this church design process. I know that over the years, Gone Virtual Studios has strategically evolved into a one-stop shop for the 4 most common and needed communication services in every capital campaign (video, visualization, print design, and web design) which helps streamline the process and improves quality and effectiveness throughout. You can see more at but I have worked with them and think they can really help you Capital Campaigners. No matter who you choose, I want you to look back over the thirteen reasons why churches divide and try to avoid them. Good luck and God bless!