Week Nine

Before Josh, the lawn care master, and Liz, our Lubbock catering champ started praying with me at this meeting we asked each other how life was going. All of us had good things to say and also some tough things to say. Josh had to let one of his longest tenured bushwhacker go due to some rebellions he was caught up in. Liz had a difficult run in with one of her advertisers and was stuck holding the bag for the mistakes made. I was just not going to bed until really late in the night and it was killing me every morning – even causing me to be late to two jobs, which looks especially bad since I am the head of the company. I told my workers not to follow my bad example in the coming days. They just smiled, but I am sure my lateness gave them something to talk about. Anyway, after praying for each other and for the group, we all felt like we could take deeper breaths and make it another week. We all felt like since we started seeking God in our businesses, He has shown up to help us. That’s a BIG help!

Today’s talk in the group came from the leader of a Christian Pre-K Lubbock school – he was an administrator but was involved in every aspect of the school and he was more of a dialogical teacher for our group. After introducing himself, he immediately started asking questions about the visions and missions of our businesses. He wanted us to state if we had one or both and if we felt like we were actually aiming our foci to meet those visions and missions. Most of the people in attendance admitted to having both a vision and a mission. But, when pressed, they said that they hardly ever thought about what those were on a daily basis. Most of us also admitted that we not only did not think about these, but that we were not doing the types of things that would get us to reach those visions and missions. He suggested that he had gone on a retreat with his staff and two consultants who helped them come up with missions and visions but there was no strategic planning involved. They all came back to town feeling good about what foundations they had laid, but there were no strategies to implement towards them. Because they were a Christian school, they leaned on “just pray about it” rather than creating steps to get their missions and visions to happen. He encouraged all of us to get together with our staff in the next quarter to discuss mission, vision and specific strategic steps. We all agreed that this would be a great idea – me still wondering if I would try it. Things that take effort for me are usually cast aside. I hope I don’t throw this out because I am lazy.

Great talk once again – Any comments from my readers? Do you have any experience in setting reachable missions and visions? Do you have any advice for making them happen beyond the white board? Let me know when you can – I thank you in advance.