Business Networking – Week Forty-Seven

I had to make fire insurance claims at my office this week due to someone accidentally blowing out one of our machines. I’m not sure exactly how this led to a fire or caused the damage that it did, but it happened and I was not happy about it. The guy who handled my insurance claim is the Texas public adjuster guy who spoke at the larger gathering a few weeks back and handled it perfectly. There’s still a lot that needs to be fixed, but I didn’t let that get to me and I didn’t get angry at my employees who let this happen on their watch. Still I let this be my prayer request for the week – that it all would work out for the good and that I could stay patient. Liz and Josh had fairly normal weeks and so we just all lifted up some generalities and asked God to deal with those things that were unseen for the moment – for Him to go before us and to make us thankful as days passed by us. It was just a time of refreshment and we all needed it on this tired morning.

As for the larger group, we didn’t have a set speaker but we had individual announcements made at the beginning. I mostly ignored those because I knew I didn’t have any extra time to give anything else. After the announcements, we were encouraged to go around and meet three people we hadn’t met yet – to not only exchange banal pleasantries but to see if there were ways that our businesses could help one another. This was a nice break from the typical lecture that we usually have – not that I don’t learn a lot from each one, but it’s nice to shake it up a but from time to time. Also, since there have been so many new people coming in the past few weeks I knew that there were quite a few people who I had never met. I’m not the most outgoing guy – definitely not an extrovert – but I made the effort nonetheless. The first person I met was a female executive named Jennifer who was on the top level of a marketing firm in town. I was intrigued by what she did and asked her if she had any people on staff who could help me better brand my company and who could get me on track with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website. She said that they could service any of those things and more if I needed it. I asked her about pricing and she gave me a ballpark approximation of cost. It didn’t seem like that much money for what her company was offering. We exchanged cards (because she said that she would certainly be needing help with office and home heating, cooling and plumbing. The second and last person I met (due to time constraints) was a guy who did full-time writing. This guy named Ben posted on Facebook and Twitter for many companies in Lubbock, but he was not only a social media savant. Ben also wrote books – both fiction and non-fiction. He said that if he ever had a bestseller he wouldn’t be doing the social media stuff anymore. He would be able to retire that side of his creative writing and focus on pumping out entertaining novels, etc. I told him what I did and he took one of my cards and said that he would definitely be in touch when the need arose.

It was nice to meet these two and actually get to see how diverse the leaders in this group are. I’m sure if I met everyone in the group I would find an entire constellation of industries. It was a good week for group. I look forward to the next one.