Be slow to subcontract – Week Twenty-Six

We had our prayer time and gave ourselves fifteen extra minutes before the large gathering so we could report on what was going on in our lives. Liz told us that she had seen other Lubbock catering businesses begin to optimize their websites using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and she thought that this was why the catering business was falling off a bit. She said that her company was ranking at the top of Google up until last week and then she noticed a drop into fourth place. Statistics show that if a website is not in the top three they hardly get any customer clicks. So, Liz asked if we could pray for her as to whether or not she should invest in SEO to get her business back to where it was before. We prayed over that and all felt like she should give it a try – hire a local business that does this work and let them do what is necessary to get her back on top. Josh said that his lawn care crews were starting to shift from winter scalping into spring landscaping and he wanted prayer that he wouldn’t lose any of his best workers as they made this move. As for me, I just asked for prayer for my family and especially my wife who has been suffering from a terrible flu. It was affecting her time with the kids and putting extra burden on me when I got home from work – not trying to be selfish – I do want her to be well just for the sake of her being well, but it would be nice to have her back at full steam so we could do our jobs around the house with unnecessary struggle. So, we all prayed and we believed that God heard us, because we know He has our best interests in mind. He knows how many hairs we have on our heads and so He certainly doesn’t miss anything about our daily lives.

The large business group was led by a short-term furnished housing leader named Jonathan who spoke about handling sub-contractors. At least that is what I think you would call the outside groups you hire to handle various tasks. Anyway, he talked about how he had hired an outside maintenance team that he had not properly vetted and found out very quickly that they were not representing the base company well at all. They were slow to handle resident maintenance requests and were very harsh with any complaints that came in. So, Jonathan immediately fired this group and decided to take his time to find a crew who had a stellar reputation. While he looked around carefully and asked others who they used, he paid his own staff extra money to cover for the needs of the residents. Jonathan warned us not to rush into hiring any team from the outside because they may or may not have the same vision and mission as your inside team. This talk reminded me of an earlier talk and so I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the talk. But, I certainly did appreciate the effort and the reminders.

Ever used an outside team for your maintenance, accounting or janitorial needs? If so, what were your experiences good and bad? Thanks for commenting. Best to you and your businesses…