thedude                   Are you a Legend?

Every bad writer begins with a dictionary definition – So, here you go –

Legend:  An extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

But I think that is a crap definition, because it is so wildly incomplete.  So as a prideful writer, I’m going to make up my own definition with its own expansion pack.

Legend:  Someone who has stretched beyond the normal, short term greatness (15 years of Great instead of 15 minutes of Fame) and who has a reputation that is untouchable because of their particular skill or skill sets, world shaking ideas, and consistency.

A legend is someone who is an unforgettable force in a world that forgets almost everyone almost as soon as they deactivate their Facebook account.  A legend does not try to become a legend – they just become known as one over time.  Their legend status is rarely questioned or up for debate…

Speaking of Questions:

Are you a legend already?

Are you a legend in the making?

Do you listen to John Legend? (this one will not get you any closer to legendary)

This blog is going to be dedicated to discussing greatness, great ones, and those who take greatness past greatness to become legendary.

Feel free to throw out your suggestions for who you think qualifies as legendary and I’ll be sure to make you famous…

One major qualifier:

Just because someone is considered a legend does not mean they actually are – A legend who has surpassed greatness within an extremely meaningless pursuit is not necessarily legendary…

Thus Wayne Gretzky, who is widely known as The Great One, and who has achieved some pretty amazing things in the sport of hockey is not going to necessarily make the Legend cut in this blog.

Whereas, The Dude from The Big Lebowski just might…

It’s my blog – my rules.

Okay enough of my own stretch to cover the transcendent ones who have breathed air on our planet – It’s time for me to go back to being just pretty decent at my day job in marketing and SEO.

See you at lunch tomorrow…

Until then, avoid Taco Bell meat.