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July 14, 2017

Applying the Living Wage

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Applying the Living Wage – Week Thirty-Four

We had an intense prayer time today – all of us felt especially empowered after we were finished. I’m not sure why this happens sometimes. There are prayer times when I feel like we are just going through the motions – just lifting up Josh’s Lubbock landscaping or Liz’s Lubbock catering business – and then there are days like these when we get hit with a wave of the Holy Spirit and we all know that there are some deeper things we need to cover. Today we all felt moved to pray for the speaker for today and as it turned out (we found out later) that this person had had a serious car wreck on the way to the meeting. This person named Stan was not hurt even though his car was totaled – Liz, Josh and me just looked at each other in amazement when we found this out. God covered Stan and we knew it. Pretty cool, huh? Not that his car got totaled, but that he made it out of there with no injury. It made us know that God was paying close attention to the prayers coming out of early meeting. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that God pays attention. But sometimes there are things that happen like this that increase our faith.

As for the larger gathering, we had no set speaker set, but the main leader for this meeting stood up and tried his best to encourage all of us in our business dealings. Jim reported on Stan and asked us all to be praying for him. Beyond that, the floor was opened to anyone who felt like they had something to share with the entire group. A woman named Judy stood up and shared that she was seeing some shifts happening in her short-term furnished apartments. She said that she had been applying some of the talks into her business and that she had actually taken her staff on a one night retreat to give them clear vision and to open things up for there to be a living wage. She said that most of her staff was truly thankful for her willingness to give them more money. She did say that she wondered how this living wage would stress out her personal finances as time went on. She asked us all to tell her if we would raise salaries to the same levels – in other words, would we make everyone get the same amount even though some people had higher levels of responsibility. This started up a good conversation and we all came up this solution: Everyone who worked at a different level of the business would receive the same amount – like all managers would make the same living wage while regular employees would make the same as their fellow regular employees. It was not going to be a total egalitarian measure.


I was glad to have this discussion because I had never thought about how to raise incomes just yet. I was dedicated to a living wage but I had not thought through how redistribution would be done. Now I had a better clue as to make this happen.


That was all for this meeting.

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