An Amazing Job!!!

I was reading a testimonial the other day about one of the coolest jobs on the planet. There is this Texas Public Adjuster company in Dallas called Abba Claims and they help people get the best insurance settlements from their insurance companies after some destructive event has occurred (fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, etc.). Anyway, I was reading up on their website and was blown away by this one testimonial that stated that the owner of Abba Claims took their case and worked it himself. The person behind this testimonial said that the insurance company had initially offered them around $17,000 as a settlement and that this offer was not going to be anywhere close to what they needed to repair their home. But, once Ches and Abba had finished their hard work for these clients, the offer ballooned to over $135,000. Can you believe that? If this family had not turned to this Public Adjuster, they would have been stuck with an insufficient amount of money but would have had to just deal with it. Instead they did their research and found Abba Claims who got them $118,000 more than they had been offered.

As I read that, I was first amazed at the jump in the offer given to this family. I mean, we are not talking about a few thousand dollars more, we are talking about more than one hundred thousand more. I wonder how that family must have felt when they first got the news of that increase. Did they jump up and down and scream? Did they just breathe deep sighs of relief? Whatever they did, I assume it was some sort of celebration that I would have liked to be a part of. This family now had what they needed to not only repair their house, but now they had extra money to upgrade what they did have. So cool, right?

The second thing that amazed me was how the insurance company came up with such a low offer in the first place. Did their independent appraiser spend any sort of time noting the extent of the damage or did this person just give a cursory look and assign a small amount to the case? I’ve heard that this happens quite often and it is just shameful. An appraiser examining a family’s home should take into account the family’s struggle and really work hard to make them “okay” again.

To close I just want to say, “Good job!” to Ches and all of those at Abba Claims. Your passion and care for your customers is exemplary.