Affordable But Not Cheap

I have bought things because they were cheaply priced and have run into the cliché, “You get what you pay for!” In my attempts to be frugal, I have been ripped off by items that break too easily, tear at the seams on a first wear, or fade after a couple of months. It’s very frustrating. But again, I guess it is ultimately on me to pay more for things that are important to me. Say if I want a new car, I should pay a bit more to get the higher rated car. It can still be affordable without it being cheap or expensive. That’s where I’m trying to live these days – in the sphere of affordability. But I also want quality. Is that too much to ask? I want affordability and quality to intersect perfectly. I haven’t found this intersection very many times, but recently I have found a company that offers both.

If you live in the Dallas area and are searching for McKinney plantation shutters or Allen plantation shutters that are high quality and affordable, there’s really only one place to call. This company, which has thirty years of history to it, is called Sewell Shutters (, and this business really made my buying dreams come true. I got beauty, hard work, affordability and quality. They don’t just promise these things – they deliver. And I considered this to be a big purchase for me. I had wanted plantation shutters for a long time but I had heard so many horror stories of companies that offered cheap materials and shoddy installation. I didn’t want to get stuck paying for poor work and poor materials. So I started doing my research and found that this recommended business had so many five star ratings that I had to get in touch. And I did and now I have what I wanted this whole time. You have to love it when everything works out this way!

 So readers, have you ever found the balance between quality and affordability? Have you bought anything recently that was so cheaply made that it failed to live up to its use? Comment below and tell me what you have experienced.