A Visionary Plan for Business Success – Week Fifty-Four
This week at the business meeting it was my turn to speak to the larger gathering. I was nervous. I was glad that the Pre-K administrator joined our prayer group today. She prays with power and power was what I needed to prepare me for speaking in front of these very smart business owners. Liz and Josh joined in asking for peace and wisdom and I appreciated the support. I’m not much of a public speaker, but I thought that I should at least share some things that had not been mentioned up to this point. We also prayed for Liz’s catering business, Josh’s Lubbock lawn care stuff and Ches (the fire claims adjuster) and everything felt good. God was really with us today – or at least I felt more of His presence. Some times my spiritual antenna is not properly aimed.

As for my leading the larger business meeting I needed to have water close by my side as it felt like my tongue and taste buds were dried out. Do you ever have that sense of dry mouth where you cannot even get words to come out? I hate that feeling but I had it today. I felt like a young kid about to give a show and tell presentation or talk about a book report I had done. Anyway, once I got past my initial fears, I was able to share about my topic, which actually comes from the Bible. I used the story of Nehemiah as the background for my talk since this story seems to hold all of the steps of how to lead a group to make something happen. I made sure to hand out papers for people so they didn’t have to pull out their phones and buy a Bible app. It gave key verses and of course some fill-in-the-blanks for those who need those. I talked about how the first step on getting people to start working alongside you for the common good of any company is to enter into the task humbly. Often times, we think we have to build up some huge confidence that can turn into pride when taking on a new project. I talked about how this was a mistake and how it could make people feel more pressure than is necessary. The second thing I shared is that we need to actually go and see what the project needs. We cannot rely on others to tell us what a situation requires. We need to go and evaluate the costs and plan out the stages for development. After all, it is our business and we should know what we are getting into. The third thing I talked about was how we needed to clearly communicate a vision and a plan to the other leaders around us – get them to buy into the process before it begins – make sure that the key leaders are on board. The fourth thing I talked about was how we needed to staff properly for each specific project – have all the right people at all of the right places to make sure that when problems come up that there would not be a total surrender – a sense of failure that would suck the confidence out of the group. That’s all I had time to share this week. I knew I was going a little long and that the other business leaders were getting fidgety so I concluded there and said I would be willing to share again the following week if they wanted to hear what I had to say. Everyone was nice to me about what I had to say. The lady who ran the short-term furnished housing units made a special effort to tell me how good it was to hear me using the Bible as an application for business leaders. I thanked her and everyone else for their questions and for their support.

So readers, have you ever read the story of how Nehemiah went from cupbearer to the king to being the Governor a long-suffering Jewish people? I think it tells us all we need to know about how to organize a major project and see it through to fulfillment, but I want to know what you think…Feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.