Things to consider when looking for a house to buy

I’m sure there is a much better and more complete list of things that would help you buy a specific house, but I decided to give it a shot. Below are some of the things I would definitely take into account now that I am in my 40’s and have a family.

  1. Are there high percentages of sexual offenders in the neighborhood? I know a lot of people who don’t check out the database before committing to a house. This is a problem that you cannot undo once signing on the dotted line. And if you have children living in a neighborhood where there are convicted sex offenders, it’s dangerous. If you don’t know how to find out, ask your Realtor to find out. It’s too important to ignore.
  2. Is the property value going up or going down? If you look at a certain neighborhood and it seems nice to you, check out the prices of the homes around it. What was once or even currently a good place to live might be about to plummet in value because the city council decided to move the focal point of growth to a totally different area of town. An example of this from Lubbock, Texas is that my grandmother owned a house that was in the booming part of town. Her house was highly valued and the area was full of good young families and the crime was pretty much non-existent. But then the city started pushing for building out on the Southwest side of Lubbock. Within years, Lubbock homes for sale in my grandmother’s neighborhood were worth half of what they had been.
  3. What is the history behind the house you are looking at? No one wants to move into the Amityville Horror house. Ask deep questions and even do brief interviews with neighbors to find out if this house is a money pit or if it has been taken care of. Also ask your Realtor to talk to you about the internal conditions of the house. How’s the roof? How’s the electrical system? Do ghosts regularly appear while someone is taking a shower.

Okay, there are a bunch more questions I would ask, but I don’t want this article to take forever. Think about these three and I’ll bring you two more in the next article.

Even better, send me the questions you ask before buying a house – especially if are looking for homes in Lubbock, Tx (that’s my hood).

Until later good people…