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June 19, 2019

Depression Generosity

Depression GenerosityWest Texas Tractors, John Deere Texas

COOL DEERE FACT:  The John Deere company never repossessed any equipment from American farmers during the Great Depression!

The above fact is just one other reason that South Plains Implement loves selling John Deere equipment to farmers in Texas and New Mexico.  To think that this growing corporation, which had its own financial troubles during one of the roughest economic times in American history, refused to go and take their machinery back from struggling farmers who could not make payments on time is so admirable.  The John Deere company was willing to risk its own bottom line because they believed in the clients they served.  They knew they could trust their loyal customers who were doing their best to work the land.  Deere extended their contracts to give them time to recover because the company also recognized just how badly the U.S. economy depended on these farmers and their crops.

This truth is reality today!  America and the world depend on those of you who work the land to keep economies rolling forward and bellies fed.  What a huge responsibility all of you have but what a huge honor as well. Most people don’t realize just how much they count on you farmers, but we certainly do.  We work with you to get the best equipment for your needs so that you can meet the needs of a growing populace.  And in working with you, we get to know you and we always note just how loyal and hardworking of a group that you are.  We strive to be just as hardworking and loyal to you and we welcome any and all suggestions you might have for us so that we might serve you best.

As we always say, South Plains Implement is where “Farm meets Family” and we want you to feel like we treat you like family, because that is who you are to us!  We hope you find what you are searching for on this website and if you have any questions about parts, service, equipment, etc., please contact us however you like. And if you just want to stop by one of our 14 locations in West Texas and New Mexico to get to know us and to see what we have in stock, we welcome you.


Coming to a deeper understanding…

Coming to a deeper understanding…

There are so many things in the world that I don’t understand.  There are also so many things in this world that I never knew even existed.  For instance, when I traveled to China I had no idea what some of the foods were.  I had no idea that a Forbidden City existed in Beijing.  There were lots of things I didn’t understand about their culture and many more things that I never knew existed.  But it was cool to find out that they were there and what they meant to that culture.  And it’s not just in another country that you discover new things.  I recently learned about a job position that is very important but that I didn’t understand and never knew existed.  This job position is known as insurance claims consultant.  It’s also known as public adjuster.  They are one in the same thing (I overheard someone mention it on a plane).  Anyway, I figured I would ask some other friends about what this job entails – maybe I would want to train and become one of these public adjusters.  But to my surprise, no one that I asked had any clue what Texas public adjusters do for people.  

So, I turned my research over to the computer and typed “public adjuster” into my Google bar.  Lo and behold, there was a lot of information about these insurance claims consultants – from an explanation on Wikipedia to a more full description on a specific business site (  What I learned from these sites is that there are companies out there who offer public adjusting services to people who have recently experienced some sort of catastrophic event (like a home fire, water damage, flood, lightning strike, etc).  These public adjusters act as advocates for these victims of destruction and help them with the process of filing the best claim to an insurance company.  It turns out that these professionals are experts at getting more money for the victims than they would have gotten alone.  They fight for a fair settlement and only take a small percentage of the total.  Sometimes the difference in what someone gets from an insurance company when acting with a public adjuster is a lot more than they would have gotten on their own. 

Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, I’m going to keep these public adjusters in mind just in case I have anything bad happen to my house or business.  I’ll also be able to be a resource for others who might run into the bad luck of a destructive situation.  It’s good to learn about new things.  I’ll probably write about something new in my next article.

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