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February 6, 2018

Diversifying Your Marketing – Week Sixty-Two

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Diversifying Your Marketing – Week Sixty-Two

I had a fight with my wife right before coming to the business group meeting today and so I felt very disconnected and flustered when I went into prayer. I asked Liz Josh, and Ches to pray for the peace that passes understanding so I wouldn’t carry my frustrations from home into work. Liz asked for prayer for some catering in Lubbock that she was working on. It was a big event and she said that it was even a fancy affair. She wasn’t used to prepping food for such a large party and so she asked for us to pray for everything to go well. Josh said that his landscaping in Lubbock was going well but that his expansion into some of the other small towns was not going too well. He asked us to cover that so that he didn’t get too stressed about it all. Ches mentioned that several of his fire claims in Dallas were in need of cover as well seeing as how insurance companies were not responding correctly to the settlements that were needed.

As for the larger group meeting, we had another marketing expert come in – the speaker’s name was Jason and he was another one of those people who you could tell was a natural speaker. His talk was about how to become a “tradigital” company. In other words, he said that we should make sure to use both traditional methods of marketing as well as digital methods. He said to do both would make sure to diversify marketing thus hitting all of the demographics and potential clients. He said that too many business owners either try to abandon the old mediums of marketing or throw all of their eggs into the new digital strategies. He said that this latter way might soon be the best way to go, but he said there were still several years to go before throwing out billboards, flyers, and yellow books. He taught us how to spend our marketing dollars in percentages – like 25% on TV and radio, 25% on newspaper and door to door flyer placements, and 50% on our web presence. I thought this was a good talk and it made me take a better look at how much of my percentages were being distributed. I’d never really thought of how to get the best coverage to the markets I was seeking to hit. I was blown away to see his presentations on how some local businesses had raised their profits by doing this sort of diversification. It made me want to jump on the wagon and to spend properly to get new clients.

So readers, what are your opinions about being tradigital? What have you done to spread your marketing dollars around on traditional methods and on digital methods? Where have you seen the most gains? I’m interested in hearing what you think so feel free to share about your experiences.

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