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August 28, 2017

Special Guest Speaker: Avoiding Business Plateaus

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Special Guest Speaker:  Avoiding Business Plateaus

Today at our business gathering we had the pleasure of welcoming a close friend of Dr. Andy Neillie, who came to share about a recent leadership keynote speech given by Dr. Neillie a few weeks back. Dr. Andy Neillie is a renowned keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies and has changed the direction of many businesses over the past twenty years. Anyway, his close friend Todd was available to come and give a sort of Ted Talk to us showcasing some of the high points of the recent speech.

Todd told us how we can better lead in the twenty-first century. He said that instead of being reactionaries to sudden changes we need to be futurists who forecast coming trends that can shake the business worlds we all come from. He told us that we needed to read as many books as we can on leadership and use the information within those books to give a sense of what is coming rather than waiting for the winds to come and blow us here and there. He went into detail about some of those leadership and management books and told us how he we can share those books with our top-level managers so that they can be ahead of the curve too. He recommended that we start internal book clubs that happen monthly so that everyone in our businesses are on the same page with the direction of the company.

Todd has applied a lot of Dr. Neillie’s principles for his business over the years. Todd shared that by being a leader of leaders we can take over new markets that we had never thought of before. He talked about how we can apply our specific skillset to train the positions of management within our businesses and how that can shift the mindset of everyone. He said that by following these principles of leadership we can stop the common plateauing of businesses and keep up a growth pattern. It was a very interesting talk and one that I planned on implementing. I have allowed my leaders to do their own continuing education instead of asking them to read the best new books together as a group. I plan on changing that in the near future.

So readers, what do you think of this strategy of becoming trendsetters instead of being trend-reactionaries? Have you ever had the privilege of hearing Dr. Neillie speak in person? If so, what did you get out of his presentation? Feel free to comment so that all of us can benefit in our businesses.

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