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May 15, 2017

Insurance Claims Adjusters

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There is an issue that I have never had to write about before because I never really had property damage, fire damage, etc. Basically I have never had to use insurance claim adjusters because my life has been free from the damage. But, not too long ago I wasn’t paying attention and I did some fair amount of fire damage to my kitchen and the hallway leading into. Don’t do what I did – Stupid. At the time, I didn’t know what to do at all. I figured I was just going to have to pay for it – but I had renter’s insurance. I thought maybe they would come out and check my place out and then pay me to fix it. I asked my friend what they thought and they told me that they had had similar things happen to them, but instead with water damage. They told me that there were a lot of insurance claims adjusters online and that I needed to call one of them and they would make sure I got the right amount – the best deal. I live just outside Dallas and so I typed in “Dallas public adjuster.” That’s what my friend suggested – so I went with it. I looked at several pages (because I’m not one of those who just roll with the first few results. Anyway, I called two of them but was not satisfied with how they explained their services. Then finally I found one called Abba Claims and when I called I felt very good about how they not only cared about my problem but also promised that they would get me that best deal. All I can say is that everything turned out better than okay. They led me through the whole process and they walked alongside me as my personal claims people. Now, I’m not looking to have any more fire damage just so I can work with them again, but if I ever did I would use these guys again – no doubt.


What have you done about your water damage or fire damage claims? Have you ever had one before? How did they treat you? I’m interested in what you have to say about your whole process. So, please send me your comments and advice. I want to know if you feel like you got the best deal on your insurance claim. Thanks in advance.

May 11, 2017

Business Consulting 101

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Business Consulting 101

 Hey readers, my name is Ben and I am a consultant for several companies across Texas. I wanted to journal about some of my dealings so that you can hear how consulting works and also just to get some of it out of my head. Hope that it helps some of you.

 The first company that I am doing consultant work for is run by a man named Chase who is a Texas Public Adjuster. He handles insurance claims for people all over the state but he wants to be known primarily as a Dallas Public Adjuster. He wants this so he can establish a base from which to run his business. He chose Dallas because there are so many people in the Dallas area who need the services that he provides. Anyway, Chase is needing me to help him rank higher on Google by using white-hat techniques. He doesn’t have time to learn the whole Search Engine Optimization thing and that happens to be one of my specialties. As a consultant, I usually just make suggestions and let the owners of business do what I told them. But in this case I am making an exception.

For Chase and his business, I start out focusing on Dallas links and then will move to the more general Texas links. What am I doing specifically? First, I check out what links he already has, which in his case are zero. Next I will check out his main competitors and see what their links are – Finally I will see which of the competitor links are ones that Chase can get as well. There are usually 3-4 that are like this. At the end of this process, I will start building links for him using a Personal Blog Network. I have a pretty good one already set up and his company will definitely be affected for the positive.

The next thing I am going to tell him to do is to contact his web designer and ask him/her to make sure that his company’s contact information is both large and seen at the very top of his first page. Right now, he has contact information at the bottom of his page, which is bad because you don’t want any potential customers to have to search to know how to get in touch with you. Customers (and really everyone else) are into speed and the quicker they can locate your key information the better.

After this, I am not sure what my consulting will include because I need to see how his company is running so that I can find his strengths and weaknesses. That is how a lot of consulting is done – get into a business, observe and ask a lot of questions.

Okay – that’s my first entry. I hope there will be a second one.

May 4, 2017

Business Vision and Mission

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Week Nine

Before Josh, the lawn care master, and Liz, our Lubbock catering champ started praying with me at this meeting we asked each other how life was going. All of us had good things to say and also some tough things to say. Josh had to let one of his longest tenured bushwhacker go due to some rebellions he was caught up in. Liz had a difficult run in with one of her advertisers and was stuck holding the bag for the mistakes made. I was just not going to bed until really late in the night and it was killing me every morning – even causing me to be late to two jobs, which looks especially bad since I am the head of the company. I told my workers not to follow my bad example in the coming days. They just smiled, but I am sure my lateness gave them something to talk about. Anyway, after praying for each other and for the group, we all felt like we could take deeper breaths and make it another week. We all felt like since we started seeking God in our businesses, He has shown up to help us. That’s a BIG help!

Today’s talk in the group came from the leader of a Christian Pre-K Lubbock school – he was an administrator but was involved in every aspect of the school and he was more of a dialogical teacher for our group. After introducing himself, he immediately started asking questions about the visions and missions of our businesses. He wanted us to state if we had one or both and if we felt like we were actually aiming our foci to meet those visions and missions. Most of the people in attendance admitted to having both a vision and a mission. But, when pressed, they said that they hardly ever thought about what those were on a daily basis. Most of us also admitted that we not only did not think about these, but that we were not doing the types of things that would get us to reach those visions and missions. He suggested that he had gone on a retreat with his staff and two consultants who helped them come up with missions and visions but there was no strategic planning involved. They all came back to town feeling good about what foundations they had laid, but there were no strategies to implement towards them. Because they were a Christian school, they leaned on “just pray about it” rather than creating steps to get their missions and visions to happen. He encouraged all of us to get together with our staff in the next quarter to discuss mission, vision and specific strategic steps. We all agreed that this would be a great idea – me still wondering if I would try it. Things that take effort for me are usually cast aside. I hope I don’t throw this out because I am lazy.

Great talk once again – Any comments from my readers? Do you have any experience in setting reachable missions and visions? Do you have any advice for making them happen beyond the white board? Let me know when you can – I thank you in advance.

May 2, 2017

Families and Business

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Week Seven

 Once again my lawn care buddy (Josh) and I met for pre-meeting prayer and Liz joined us from the start. (Liz is the one who handles the catering in Lubbock business.) It was cool to have this small group of people share what is going on in life and not just in business. Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are humans first and business people second. We committed to pray for one another’s relationships because they are so important. If we are doing poorly in our relationships outside of work then it carries over and affects the way we do business. For instance if we are fighting with family or with our significant others before we go into work, we tend to be less patient with our colleagues. We also bring in baggage that doesn’t need to be present at the workplace. So, me, Liz and Josh are going to pray for each other in that regard since we all have that happen quite often. All of us are married with kids and we all admitted that we have brought our home junk into work at times. Besides this conversation, we prayed for each other’s businesses to flourish as we grow as people. I’m starting to really love this prayer time.

As for the larger group teachings and discussion, it was amazing as usual. It was about how to incentivize our workers so that they would work toward higher goals – Someone did a study about how offering incentives to workers actually makes them buy-in to the business and push for better results. This study also said that this applies to Millennials who have the reputation for not caring about much. The study that was presented to us today showed that while Millennials tend to take incentives to be a necessary entitlement, they still work more for the greater good than just for a paycheck. We all discussed what sort of incentives could and should be offered to employees so that they would be excited to work harder. There were several good ideas thrown around and I was careful to take good notes so I could pick some of them out for my employees. My employees are already hardworking but if I could create a culture of buy-in, I want to. I think I am going to run some sort of quarterly contest for them. I love contests that push me to work harder and so I will just toss one out there to see if it is effective. If that doesn’t work, I will try out one of the other suggestions that came up during this meeting.

By the way, if you are reading these updates I want to encourage you to either find one of these groups in your city or to start one. This has been nothing but incredible for me – it’s not just the prayer or the information that is valuable – it is the networking with other business professionals that is a major benefit. So, get on it you fine individual and comment away if you have any ideas for incentives for workers.

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