Day 133 – Wednesday Shrinks

Morning at my short-term furnished housing workout room: I listened to my audio Bible which took my mind off of the evil treadmill. I was able to bump up two speed levels today – I am at the 4.2 fast walking stage. I am happy to have at least that movement upwards – I have a new baseline from which to begin from. All progress is appreciated. Once again, Melissa joined me and I watched her crank out fast miles on the elliptical. She is a superstar with pretty much every thing she does. I’m glad I will be connected to her and I sort of feel bad for her having to be connected to me. But, she has freewill and she has used it decide on the one and only me. I guess I am a decent guy.

Meditation: Faith has to have actions tied to it or it is a dead faith – the book of James makes that very clear. Sure everything after Jesus is built on grace, but the New Testament doesn’t play around when it comes to doing the Word – not just studying it. And I’ve got to say that there is so much in that Word that I haven’t even considered putting into practice. Turn the other cheek – maybe after smacking the offender across their cheek with a harder blow. Be content no matter if you are in plenty or in want – I have more capital than 95% of the world and I am discontent all of the time. Don’t argue? – During this political season? Yeah right.

Speaking of that, it looks like we have a new President-elect and lots of people have decided to argue about that as much as possible on social media. It kind of makes me laugh to see people get so passionate about something that won’t be that big of a deal in a few months. I don’t judge any of them for whatever side they are on – that’s at least one thing from the Bible that I am putting into practice. Check mark for me, baby.

Work: I went to visit with a potential client at a pretty large medical clinic today and I think it went well. They want me to come up with a full proposal before they commit to a six-month or one-year full marketing deal. I showed them several examples of our successful campaigns as far as optimization (internal) of websites and how we use search engine optimization (external) on various keywords to make sure our clients rank well and gain the exposure they want. The leaders who I spoke with were not very familiar with any of that lingo so I promised them I would shoot them a full laymen’s guide to how we do work. I actually already have a template set up (I first used it when I was landing the Christian school (Pre-K Lubbock – 12th Grade). Now all I have to do is plug in the potential client’s name and make sure I don’t leave in old references. When I got back to my new office, I sent them this easy to follow proposal. They said they would bring it up at their next staff meeting and have a decision for me within the next ten days. Very cool to land this clinic in the land of pop-up urgent care clinics and small Emergency Rooms. They know that they need to be on the first page to grab sick peoples attention. Makes sense – if I was ill I would grab the first one or two clinics that Google recommended. I’m fairly sure they will jump on board once they see how affordable it all is – not that it is cheap but I know just how much return on investment they will get from being “referred” by our company. As well, after seeing the shiny new clinic they represent, I have no doubt they can afford it – no problem.

Okay – that’s it for now. My bed awaits my entry.