A Truly Legendary Business

A reputation is built by being consistent in your actions so that others can perceive you in a particular light. This goes for personal relationships and for corporate ones as well. I think that businesses that are successful enough to be franchised have earned good reputations that allow them to spread across the country. They are able to multiply because they are founded on consistently good or even great actions that make customers want to be there. That being said, not all franchised businesses reflect the original and foundational characteristics of the initial business, and thus they mar the overall feelings that people have about the “chain” organizations. While this is true and is typically a leadership problem at the single franchise having to do with poor training and poor hiring (even bad communication of the overall vision and mission of the pilot store), I have seen several franchises succeed based on the original reputation.

Anyway, I have experienced a truly legendary franchise in my town that probably has stuck to its original brand better than any other I have dealt with. It’s a famous company that is all over the country (and maybe event the world) and I’m sure you have heard of it. Chick-fil-A has quite an amazing reputation and I think it is because those who are allowed to buy a franchise have to go through rigorous training and are only allowed to run a singular business according to the well-built word of mouth and marketing infrastructure. The particular franchise that I am calling legendary is in Texas and it does both in-store and community work with excellence. Any time I go into this one store (actually there are probably two of these franchises run by the same owner) I am greeted with sincerely friendly employees who work hard and fast to make sure I am left with a good taste in my mouth (see what I did there). Their food is fantastic and their cleanliness should be rewarded year after year. They stand out and they go above and beyond any expectations I have ever had. What really blows me away about these stores is the way they offer their goods to non-profits who need Lubbock catering, but cannot afford to spend money on it for special events. I have been involved with several events that were made “delicious” by this catering in Lubbock that delivers and even serves the people who come to donate money to desperate non-profits. And beyond the community service, their in-store food and their catering for parties is always incredible. I love dealing with these stores because they intentionally attempt to stand out among so many other choices of restaurant. They care and they make me feel great whether I’m coming through the drive-through or sitting in their store.

I don’t usually take time to write reviews of businesses because most of the time I feel like people are doing the minimum to serve customers. But since these two franchises are so amazing, I thought I would include them on my blog. If you are ever in Lubbock, make sure to hit the Chick-fil-A’s on Slide near the loop and/or on 82nd and Milwaukee. I can assure that you will be blown away by how they manage their reputations.

Thanks for reading – I am out.