Day 102 – Monday Bible Study

Lubbock homes for sale – homes for sale in Lubbock – Corporate HousingLubbock catering  – 3D animation – All of these were certainly on my mind as well as other keyword phrases as the week officially began. I was focused on them and ready to do some work to energize them and gain some more space between these businesses and their competitors. I have to say it is nice that many of the competitors don’t use Search Engine Optimization – makes them so much more vulnerable to getting left behind. And as they fall back and my clients rise up, there is much joy to be had.

I worked hard today and took a long lunch with Melissa at this new super organic and super healthy restaurant called Freshii. It was very good and my conversation with Melissa was great. We were able to nail down our marriage date with the church (the chapel would definitely be ready in June of next year.) So, we picked the first Saturday in June and rejoiced that we had some official plans for our coming together. Melissa told me that she wanted me to take a trip with her to meet her parents who apparently are thrilled with me, even though they don’t know me. I imagine Melissa must have been talking a lot of positive stuff about me. I wanted to ask her what those things might be, but I decided I didn’t need to puff up with pride on this day. Anyway, we parted and as I went back to my work, Melissa went to take more flyers around to let people know about the upcoming Bible Study. We were going to have a dry run tonight – do some short version of it with a few others to see what they think of it. But, Melissa got called in to work this night and I wasn’t going to go into this challenge alone. I don’t know if I was clear earlier, but this Bible Study was going to be held on Monday evenings now – from 7:00 – 8:30 – junk food and sodas provided. And the book we will be studying is Ecclesiastes. Just making sure I make that clear – for myself as well as for any readers. I’m the sort who has to remind myself over and over by putting it on paper – or I totally forget.

Today’s Meditation: This was all about how people do everything to satisfy their own appetites and live meaningless lives to make money that they will not be able to take with them into the eternal realms. It seems that this is the crux of the conversations in Ecclesiastes – people could choose to do godly things but instead choose to chase temporal and useless things. The Bible makes it clear that money is a useful tool for this life, but it also says that money can become the reason why people exist. Green paper and plastic cards feed and clothe us (with God’s help) but it should never be seen as the end all of life. I have found myself giving money more power than it should have in my life at different points and I don’t want to do that again. Sure, it allowed me to buy a really cool house and it allows me to take Melissa out regularly, but it isn’t meaningful.

What do you think about money and it’s proper use?