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June 15, 2017

Teenage Birthday Parties

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Teenage Birthday Parties

When your kid is still a kid, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do for their birthday party – go to Chuck E. Cheese, Altitude Jumping, Dave’s Need for Speed, etc. But when your child becomes an adolescent, it can be harder to plan for their party. Very often your child will want to appear more mature than the old days. They probably won’t want to go to the spots mentioned above. In fact, statistics say that most teenagers want to have a sleepover with their best friends. So, the accommodation part is easy, but what else do you need to think of to make their birthday party a success?

  1. Cake and desserts – Not everyone can bake very well and so if this is you, you can go to a Market Street grocery store and find everything you need to satisfy all of the guests.
  2. Lubbock catering – Besides the dessert part, good food is also important to provide. You could order several pizzas and probably be okay, but I want to suggest that you go outside of the box. I want to recommend that you get the best catering in Lubbock from Chick-fil-A. They can deliver to your house and help you set up a spread that the teens won’t soon forget.
  3. Decorations – I would definitely not go overboard on this part because teenagers don’t want to draw that much attention to themselves. I think that it is best to ask your teenage birthday boy or girl what sorts of décor they want.
  4. Games – Again, you want to ask your teen if they want games to be a part of their sleepover. If they say they do, you can find whatever you need on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Those site are amazing at providing games for all ages. (It might just be a video game party – so ask your teen what video games they might be wanting at their party.)
  5. Movies – A lot of times, teenagers just want to chill out with their buddies and watch some movies. You can get these by looking at the On-Demand station on your TV set. But, if they want to get scared together and want some old school classics, you might have to look at EBAY and find the titles they want (Ex. The Shining, Amityville Horror, etc.) When I hit my teen years, I remember renting like 5 scary movies and staying up all night with my friends watching and screaming.

Well, those are my best suggestions. Please send me your comments so I can add them to my next blog. I appreciate you being willing to expand my mind on teenage parties.

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