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August 12, 2015

Embracing the Suck: Legends endure

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By John Jones

When I write that legends endure, I am not commenting on their ability to leave a deep, immovable footprint on culture.  I do think to be remembered throughout generations and across multiple cultures as an enduring memory of the human spirit is a characteristic of being legendary, but when I write the word ENDURE here, I mean more that would-be legends, when faced with great difficulties while they live, have to struggle well and battle hard against overwhelming odds.  Legends are hit hard with seemingly insurmountable things and they have to press in with all they have to simply survive them, much less overcome them.

This endurance, which might also be synonymous with the word/meaning of perseverance, can often be the most crucial piece of what the word legend means.

There are some people who achieve greatness according to the masses, but they may never really face extremely difficult things and thus would not qualify as legendary to me.  Just because someone has huge talent and the ability to crush every opponent would not get them into my Hall of Legends – they need to have a resume which includes trials so fierce and storms so much bigger than them.  And if they have those sorts of trials and are able to push through those most severe of times, using whatever means necessary, they are truly legendary.

To endure great struggle is a sign of a true champion – it proves they will not give up or give in no matter what.  Even as the earth gives way underneath them, they carry on.  Or maybe they just survive it.  I know some legends in the making who are enduring physical sicknesses, mental illnesses, and crippling losses/tragedies and all they can do is hold on for dear life.  They are not weak because they can only just make it through.  These legends in the making are not soft because they have been forced to admit that what they are facing in this life is bigger than them.  Just because they curl up in a ball and cry out with unceasing tears for help – for a hand – for a miracle – does not disqualify them.  In fact, it makes them stand out to me.

No matter how bad they want to stop the fight – to throw in the towel – to stop breathing – they “embrace the suck” and do whatever they can to grind out the days, the minutes and the milliseconds.

Some supposed legends never face this sort of struggle – they are always applauded and the storms never seem to hit them – They never have to endure such pain and suffering.  And while I am so happy for them that their lives are without the severe times, it keeps them from having the necessary quality of endurance I require.

To those legends in the making who are undergoing such trials, I cheer you on because your ability to even hang on for one more day means you are special.  And to my little Lubbock SEO friend and to my friend at Dream Taxi and to my friend who is doing MCAT prep to become someone who helps others (you all know who you are), I know you are not probably ever going to be legends.  But I want to thank you for being examples of endurance and perseverance.  You are legendary to me.  Your struggle is legendary even if your memories don’t long endure to the people of this earth…

Keep holding on hard to God and putting days behind you – May you soon rise above these trials and become more than you ever thought possible.

June 26, 2015

What’s up, Docs?


What's up with doctors nowadays?

What’s up with doctors nowadays?


This is not a long post – Just a shared link really for anyone who is trying to get into the medical field as a doctor…Or if you know anyone who is heading in that direction, share this with them so they can find the best MCAT prep materials in one place – Helped a buddy of mine big time –


Thinking of taking the MCAT?

Signing up for a 2015 MCAT prep course?

Need some amazing study materials?

Check out (scalpels sold separately)

By the way, speaking of doctors, why are so many of them amazing and why are so many of them absolute idiots?  I’ve gone to both sorts and my categorization of them is not based on the subjective – I’m talking objective “amazing” and objective “idiocy” –

How is this possible?

Why does one doctor diagnose me with depression and a second opinion doctor diagnose me with a missing head and a broken leg?

Why does one doctor give me medication that is horribly dangerous and which has side effects that make my initial problem seem like a happy party and then the next doctor tell me I just need to stop drinking fourteen gallons of coffee a day?

Are some of these doctors cheating in med school?

Did they buy their way in and simply watch Grey’s Anatomy for tips?

Or is it that some of them are just middle persons between pharmaceutical companies and me?  Am I being experimented on?  If you are going to just shove some meds onto me because some handsome or beautiful young rep told you that this wonder drug is a wonder drug, please make sure the wonder drug has some serious connections to the poppy plant…

How about you all do your jobs better so we don’t have to question if your white coats are signs of intelligence or signs of incompetence?


rant over –

thanks for listening – i mean reading – or are you actually hearing my voice in your head?  If so, I’ve got a substance (Credit to the band Girls)

See you next time – while you sleep…

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