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June 24, 2016

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Questions to ask before doing a Capital Campaign

Are churches asking the right questions when they embark on a capital campaign that will ask their congregants to give more than they are used to giving? I think some churches do, but I’ve been involved in several that didn’t ask. So, this article is dedicated to posing questions that I think churches need to ask before they set up a new church design.

  1. What is the motivation behind building more buildings or doing massive renovations to the existing building?
  2. Has the church leadership gotten buy-in from the opinion leaders at the church?
  3. Does the church design fit in with what is really needed for the congregation?
  4. How will the church pitch and “sell” the vision of a new set of buildings?
  5. How much debt will the church capital campaign cause?
  6. Can the church handle carrying so much debt?
  7. Does the majority of the church want to do a capital campaign?
  8. Has the church done its research as to which architectural firm they will use to drive this campaign?
  9. Has the church leadership “taken the temperature” of their people concerning this campaign?
  10. Will the church use 3D animations to ‘show and tell’ what the future church design will look like to the members?
  11. Who will be the point people for selling this vision?
  12. What changes or buildings are really needed?
  13. What does the church leadership believe is going to happen because they build new buildings?
  14. How will the church leadership handle dissenters and laggards in the church during this campaign?
  15. Why do this at all?
  16. How much extra time and effort will this capital campaign require from the leadership and from the lay leaders of the church?
  17. Will this capital campaign be set up to be done in stages?
  18. How much prayer has gone into the decision to build more buildings?
  19. Is God pressing this process or is a work of man?


Okay, I have a bunch more, but I think these will be good starters for any congregation seeking to build anew. Thanks for reading. Good luck in your projects.

May 30, 2016

Capital Campaigns

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Capital Campaigns

If you are in leadership at a church that is growing and needs more space for a family life center, a larger sanctuary or really anything that needs to be built, there is usually a need for a capital campaign. Building a new chapel or expanding a new children’s area takes a lot of money and most churches don’t have the millions in cash just laying around to pay for these changes in full from the start. So, churches all over the country are raising money using capital campaigns, which is an extended plea for the congregation to give more of their money to fund the project. Typically, a church brings in consultants who have the experience to lead such a campaign and can greatly aid in budgeting and even influencing people in the church to give more. Some of the higher end architecture firms who engage in consulting churches can also be the builders, which makes it nice so you have partnership from beginning to end.

So, what should you look for in a capital campaign partnership?

First, I’d recommend finding one of those soup to nuts architecture firms who know how to lead a congregation in fundraising and who can build out the entire vision.

Second, I would make sure that whomever you hire for this major role is cutting-edge in how they present the project. Many companies offer 3D animations and produce architectural renderings that show the congregation how the building is going to look before a shovel ever breaks ground. This gets a congregation fired up when they can see exact images. They tend to give more money to something that they can look at. Many companies can show and tell and get some of the early detractors on board.

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